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USDA Mulls Listing Stores Involved in Meat Recalls

By Randy Fabi WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. consumers would no longer have to wonder whether their local grocery stores are selling recalled meat products under regulations being developed by the Agriculture Department, a senior USDA official said on Wednesday. Acting Undersecretary Merle Pierson…

Supplements Cut Post-Stroke Hip Fracture Risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health)– Dietary supplements of folate and vitamin B12 can reduce the risk of hip fracture in elderly patients following a stroke, according to a new Japanese study. The risk of hip fracture is significantly higher in stroke patients than in…

Liquorice stops ‘herpes’ cancer

A compound in liquorice root may help to stop people with a herpes virus from developing cancer, research suggests.

A team at New York University found the compound – glycyrrhizic acid – could stop the virus triggering a form of cancer called Kaposi sarcoma.

The disease causes tumours to develop in tissues below the surface of the skin and is often found in people with a depressed immune system.

The research is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Plant Derivative Kills Leukemia Cells

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Parthenolide, a chemical derived from the feverfew plant, destroys acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells, leaving normal bone marrow cells relatively unscathed. Moreover, the compound may get at the root of the disease because it also kills stem cells…

Doctors Prescribe The Wrong Meds For Seniors

How much protection do vaccines provide seniors? According to a study I posted a couple of weeks ago, the benefit was virtually nonexistent. A new study of seniors has discovered another not-so-shocking fact that can also harm their health: Almost 29 percent of…

Sales of New MS Drug Suspended

CBS 2 Chicago WBBM-TV | cbs2chicago.com Sales Of New MS Drug Suspended FDA Approved Drug In November The makers of Tysabri, a new drug used to treat multiple sclerosis, announced Monday they are voluntarily suspending sales of the drug after one patient died…