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Food related problems and discussions.

Dietary Iron and Cancer

Transferrin Saturation, Dietary Iron Intake, and Risk of Cancer Arch G. Mainous III, PhD; James M. Gill, MD, MPH; Charles J. Everett, PhD Ann Fam Med. 5; 3 (2): 131-137. ©5 Annals of Family Medicine, Inc. AbstractPurpose: Transferrin saturation of more than 60%…

Diet experts share advice on how to help kids eat healthier

By Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY With the increasing concerns about childhood obesity in this country, many parents are looking for ways to help their kids eat right and be active.About 31% of kids are overweight or at risk of becoming so, increasing their…

The Link Between Middle-Age Obesity And Dementia


You may recall a study I posted late last year that found women who have been obese their entire lives were more prone to losing brain tissue in the temporal lobe — the area responsible for speech, comprehension and memory — than those…

More Kudos to a Modified Mediterranean Diet

In the largest study of its kind on the subject, following a modified version of the Mediterranean diet — high in fish, fruits and vegetables — could extend one’s life, according to the British Medical Journal. Based on the growing support for the…

Mercury in Your Tuna Fish

By Arianna Huffington To the list of Campaign 2004’s make-or-break issues — Iraq, homeland security, lost jobs, tax cuts — we can now add tuna fish sandwiches. I’m not kidding. I was recently at a dinner filled with smart, passionate, politically active guests.…

Tuna on Rye-Hold the Mercury, Please