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Activated Charcoal Liver Poultice

Activated Charcoal Liver Poultice Liver Poultice: First, mix 2-3 tablespoons of Activated Charcoal/Carbon with enough Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel to make a paste, that is neither runny or very dry. Alternate: Use Psyllium Seed or Flax Seed + Hot Water (pure) to…

Health care tab ready to explode

Health care tab ready to explode By Julie Appleby, USA TODAY The nation’s tab for health care Ëœ already the highest per person in the industrialized world Ëœ could hit $3.6 trillion by 2014, or nearly 19% of the entire U.S. economy, up…

Avocado nutrition

Avocado Receives “R” Rating Includes Recipe Below If a motion picture were produced on the history of the avocado, the film might have the dubious distinction of receiving an “R” rating for “mature audiences.” The opening scene might feature a group of actors…

Just Say No

Just Say No Robert Langreth, 11.29.04 Do you really need all those prescriptions pills you are popping? Maybe not. There’s a backlash building against the cost, risk and side effects of medication, and it’s bad news for the pharmaceutical industry. Wesley Miller was…

Hunter Thompson Kills Himself?

Hunter S. Thompson kills himself By Robert Lusetich in Los Angeles 22-02-2005 From: The Australian   HUNTER S. Thompson, an iconic contrarian who gave birth to an entertaining, anarchic form of journalism he called gonzo, committed suicide yesterday at his compound outside the…

Liver, Gallstone Flush 3 day

In my humble 20 years of looking at healing methods for the human body, the liver flush is probably one of the most dramatic and successful. Many people have avoided gall bladder operations using this simple and effective technique.