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Science News: Phages break up plaques

When Solomon examined the mice after 1 year of treatment, they had 80 percent fewer plaques than untreated mice did.Immune cells in the brain cleared the phages along with the plaque fragments, says Solomon. She found no evidence of harmful inflammation in the other organs of the animals, which had been a possibility because the immune system usually reacts strongly to phages.”The phages are going into the brain, they do their work,” and then the body gets rid of them, Solomon says.

Are There Antibiotics in Your Lettuce?

Are There Antibiotics in Your Lettuce?:You’re likely familiar with the fact that your lettuce could be contaminated with pesticides and even rocket fuel, but now researchers at the University of Minnesota have uncovered another risk: antibiotics.Livestock are routinely given antibiotics to prevent disease outbreaks (which are common due to the typically crowded, unsanitary conditions in which these animals are raised)…. Root crops like potatoes, carrots and radishes may be particularly vulnerable, they said.Consuming antibiotics via your salad could lead to allergies and the development of more antibiotic-resistant superbugs, among many other as yet unknown effects.This time, however, eating organic is not the answer.

Five Powerful Reasons to Eat Slower

Our modern lifestyle is built around speed, but as a previous article pointed out, living the fast life may rob you of the good life…. You may or may not be ready to switch pace in all areas of your life, but eating slower has several benefits that, overall, may pave the way to a more fulfilling existence.What can you gain from slowing down at mealtime?Lose weight.

Compound From Olive-Pomace Oil Inhibits HIV Spread

Scientists from the University of Granada in Madrid found that the compound, which is extracted from dry olive-pomace oil in olive oil mills, can slow down the spreading of AIDS in the body by 80 percent.Nature is certainly full of powerful, potential cures (not to mention preventative methods) for a host of diseases…. Avoiding grains and sugars is one of the primary ways to do this, as sugar immediately decreases the functioning of your immune system.Following a healthy diet is also of utmost important for anyone battling HIV (or any other chronic illness, for that matter).It may surprise you to learn that the most common cause of death among HIV-positive patients is liver failure, caused by taking toxic drugs.

Logic Dictates a Powerful Genetic Force at Work in Obesity

The adoptees were as fat as their biological parents, and how fat they were had no relation to how fat their adoptive parents were.The scientists summarized it in their paper: œThe two major findings of this study were that there was a clear relation between the body-mass index of biologic parents and the weight class of adoptees, suggesting that genetic influences are important determinants of body fatness; and that there was no relation between the body-mass index of adoptive parents and the weight class of adoptees, suggesting that childhood family environment alone has little or no effect.In other words, being fat was an inherited condition.Dr…. Going much above or much below the natural weight range is difficult, however; the body resists by increasing or decreasing the appetite and changing the metabolism to push the weight back to the range it seeks.The message is so at odds with the popular conception of weight loss ” the mantra that all a person has to do is eat less and exercise more ” that Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, an obesity researcher at the Rockefeller University, tried to come up with an analogy that would convey what science has found about the powerful biological controls over body weight.He published it in the journal Science in 2000 and still cites it:œThose who doubt the power of basic drives, however, might note that although one can hold one™s breath, this conscious act is soon overcome by the compulsion to breathe, Dr. Friedman wrote.

How’s Your Health?

by Dr. Brian Roettger DC, HMD With all our dependence on otc, prescription, recreational drugs, and natural supplements, actual health gets lost in the maize. For the majority of Americans, the prevalent philosophical outlook on medicine is the quick fix. Just give me…