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Jacques Benveniste passes on

Dr. Jacques Benveniste died Sunday, October 3, 2004

Dr. Jacques Benveniste died Sunday evening October 3rd at the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital in Paris, France.

Jacques Benveniste’s funeral will be held in Paris on Thursday, October 7 at 2:45 PM. Gathering at the main entrance of the Père Lachaise cemetery, Bvd de Ménilmontant Paris, 20th.

Arthritis and Potassium

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment by Potassium
Is Potassium a possible treatment for Rhematoid Arthritis.
by Charles Weber, MS
It is my contention that potassium deficiency is either causing, or greatly making worse, rheumatoid arthritis, which I will shorten to “arthritis” in these articles. In assessing the possibility of this hypothesis people have little to go on.


For generations arthritis has been considered an inevitable part of aging. This painful condition causes stiffness and swelling of the joints, often a sensation of heat at the affected parts, and in some cases crippling deformity. Less known are other symptoms including fatigue, fever, skin rash, and heart and liver disorders. Temporary pain relief was thought to be the best one could hope for. Not so any longer. Promising research offers new therapies and remedies, which can control most symptoms, and the future hope of a complete cure.

Hello world!

Welcome to Pacific Health Access Blog This is a site dedictated to becoming a major source of good health information from the natural health world. We are conservative minimalists when it comes to our health. Our goal is to stay away from hospitals…

Fibrocystic Disease

• Reduce all fats to less than 20% of the diet, especially saturated fats (animal products)
• Eat more high fiber foods (reduces estrogen level by decreasing bowel transit time)
• Vegan diet is recommended
• Eat more soy protein products, such as tofu and tempeh
• Avoid dairy products
• Avoid chocolate, coffee, colas, and black tea (all forms of caffeine/methyl xanthine)