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Musk Signals Support for Congressional Probe Into FBI’s Alleged Censorship Efforts

Noting this, Musk directed a pointed inquiry at Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).
“As (outgoing) Chair of House Intelligence, did you approve hidden state censorship in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States @RepAdamSchiff?” he asked on Twitter.

Interview – Harley Schlanger … Must Listen… Updates on Reset of Economy

Global Manipulation

Interview…. information on the economic geo political reset agenda.

Brought to you by: Carl’s Junior.. and Pfizer

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Discussion-1.: Mandates

Mandated Medical Treatment Discussion with Dr. Zelenko..

Elon Musk: I Got A COVID Test Four Times In One Day. ‘Two Came Back Negative, Two Came Back Positive.’

By Paul Bois Nov 12, 2020 DailyWire.com Elon Musk suspects something strange is brewing with the current spate of COVID tests. According to the eccentric billionaire, he took a test four times in one day and got two different results. “Something extremely bogus…

Trump Truth

Donald Trump may be a lot of things but he is not a racist.