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Advanced medicine follows the holistic model rather than a partitioned model of health.

Alternative medicine is often practiced with the limited mindset of conventional medicine

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 You may be surprised to learn that as much as prescription drugs are now being shown to be dangerous for human health, there’s also a big problem in the way people turn to alternative medicines such as Chinese herbs,…

How’s Your Health?

by Dr. Brian Roettger DC, HMD With all our dependence on otc, prescription, recreational drugs, and natural supplements, actual health gets lost in the maize. For the majority of Americans, the prevalent philosophical outlook on medicine is the quick fix. Just give me…

Heart Problems, Stress, Exertion Can Be A Fatal Mix

I’ve devoted a great many pages on my Web site to reminding you about the needless physical problems you can inflict on your body as a result of not handling your emotions, particularly your anger. In a review of studies between 1970-2004, researchers…