By John C. Hammell, president, International Advocates for Health Freedom

The two barristers (attorneys) who represented ANH before the World Court in Luxembourg, paul Lasok, QC, (right), who argued the case and Michael patchett-Joyce. photo by David Hinde, ANH.

On January 25, I witnessed paul Lasok, QC, a world leading expert on EU law, do a superlative job of presenting the case of The Alliance for Natural Health (UK) in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

At issue is the draconian EU Food Supplement Directive’s so called “positive list” of ingredients allowed to be used in the manufacture of dietary supplements. The ban posed by the “positive” list will eliminate 75% of the forms of vitamins and minerals currently used in the EU market, unless the court issues a favorable verdict in June.

Americans must be concerned about ANH’s case due to the fact that the EU Food Supplement Directive is being overlaid as a template atop the development of a global trade standard for dietary supplements being “developed” by the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission (with a little “help” from the US FDA.)

Dietician Christine Lewis-Taylor is “on loan” from the FDA to the World Health Organization where she is spearheading their “nutrient risk assessment project” which by May will have “filled in the blanks” on allowable vitamins and potency limits at Codex.

FDA is setting the USA up for “harm-onization” of its dietary supplement laws to a mindlessly restrictive international standard- aided and abetted directly by pharma dominated vitamin trade associations world wide which have been effectively pulling the wool over the eyes of American industry, health food stores and consumers.

Senator Hatch and Harken’s offices, the US Trade Representatives Office, and especially the US Codex Office (led by Dr.Ed Scarbrough at the USDA) have been actively lying to the public on the Codex issue for years- while the Life Extension Foundation was the first to call it to global attention in 1996 via my article. International Advocates for Health Freedom was created specifically to catalyze awareness of the issue and in November we held an Emergency Meeting at ACAM- a DVD of which can be watched at Jonathan Wright, MD MC ed this emergency meeting which was well attended by alternative practitioners and innovative supplement manufacturers who are finally seeing through the spin.

Alliance For Natural Health (ANH) officials and supporters
at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in Europe. Maggie Mahomed – Supporter
UK; Richard Burton – Supporter Ireland; David Hinde – ANH Legal Director,
UK; John Hammell – International Advocates of Health Freedom, US; Ingrid
Franzen – ANH Campaign Manager, Sweden; Dr Robert Verkerk – ANH Executive
Director, UK; Scott Tips – National Health Federation – US; Martin Muncaster – ANH
publicity Liaison, UK; Tamara Theresa Mosegaard – ANH Campaign Manager,
Denmark; Erica Murray – ANH Campaign Manager, Ireland; Isobel Bradley – ANH
Campaign Administrator, UK; Michael Daly – Supporter UK; Ann Daly – Supporter,
UK; Kerensa Burton – Supporter, Ireland; Mrs penninckx – Supporter, Netherlands;
peggy penninckx – Supporter, Netherlands; Jonathan Coad – ANH External
Lawyer, UK


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