Seems that warning from the Public Citizen about Crestor I posted recently was indeed prescient. A new study meriting front page attention in yesterday’s USA Today, one of my favorite newspapers in the world, warns Crestor (Rosuvastatin) can cause more side effects than any other statin drug available and should only be considered after all other drugs have been tried.

Makes you wonder why the FDA didn’t listen to Dr. David Graham who was recently banished from his post as associate director of the agency’s Office of Drug Safety after his testimony in front of Congress slamming Crestor, Vioxx and other toxic drugs.

Researchers found Crestor caused significantly more cases of rhabdomyolysis, the serious degenerative muscle tissue condition, (similar to that of the now-banned Baycol) and kidney problems than competitors Zocor, Pravachol or Lipitor. Even more damaging, patients taking Crestor suffered six times the number of side effects than those using Lipitor (virtually the same estimate Public Citizen discovered in their own study last year).

Strange how the FDA researched the same sources — its own database — as those independent researchers and found no convincing evidence of kidney damage or rhabdomyolysis…

This just gives me another chance to remind you how you can safely normalize your cholesterol levels naturally, healthfully and without the help of a potentially toxic cure. Here’s how:

And, even though taking a high quality fish or cod liver oil daily won’t directly treat your cholesterol, in most cases it will, without question, reduce your risk of heart disease.

Besides, isn’t that why most people take statins in the first place?

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