Seems the obvious link between vitamin D and getting the right amount of sunshine so your body can produce it naturally is finally attracting far more attention these days. Even some scientists are finally questioning the safety of sunscreens too.

In fact, one Harvard professor offered such compelling evidence in a recent study — vitamin D may prevent 30 deaths for each one caused by skin cancer — the American Cancer Society is now reconsidering its own sun guidelines. Despite all the benefits, however, experts like Dr. Michael Holick — who conducted landmark research three decades ago that uncovered how vitamin D really works — have been bashed undeservedly by some conventional medicine “experts”.

For one, the head of his department at Boston University called Holick’s must-read book, The UV Advantage an embarassment, stripping him of his dermatology professorship last year. And the Sun Safety Alliance — funded partly by Coppertone and the drug store chains that sell it and other sunscreens — recently said, “Sunning to prevent vitamin D deficiency is like smoking to combat anxiety.”

The good news is that skewed opinion of sun exposure touted by the conventional medical establishment isn’t unanimous anymore. But, there are some simple guidelines you’ll need to follow to ensure using the sun wisely and healthfully:

  • Have your vitamin D levels checked by your physician.
  • Stay away from tanning beds, as they increase your risk of cancer.
  • Never get burned! At the beginning of the season, limit your exposure to perhaps as little as 5-10 minutes a day. Progressively increase your time in the sun so that in a few weeks, you will be able to have normal sun exposure with little risk of skin cancer.