NDF™ and NDF Plus™ are patent pending and proven dietary supplements for the treatment of heavy metal and chemical toxicity.



DESCRIPTION: Action is achieved through mucopolysaccharide ion exchange resin capability, and is a non-sufhydryl containing oral dietary supplement, which binds to metallic and chemical elements and is of significant benefit in maintaining a normal balance of metal elements and beneficial chemicals in the body.

INDICATIONS: Behavioral and functional abnormalities resulting from chronic heavy metal and chemical toxicity; 76 of which are published.

INGREDIENTS: Certified organic, raw, whole, pure, and nanonized: chlorella, cilantro, non-dairy PolyFlor™ probiotics, and 18% grain neutral gluten-free spirits (alcohol) as a preservative.

ELIMINATION PATHWAY: In many individuals the bound metals mobilized after intake are predominantly eliminated via the urine in the first urination following intake. Individual pathways of elimination have been noted.

SAFETY: Method of action is not sulfhydryl group dependant thus may not bind in the kidney. One year of continuous use at 4 ml. per day showed no elevation of serum creatinine and an improvement in BUN/creatinine ratio, lowered liver enzymes and improved cardiovascular risk ratio. CRP reductions noted. Very low to no risk of enzyme and ‘Leaky Gut’ mediated resorption or flora mediated methylation of unbound mercury in the bowel as elimination occurs primarily via the urine. NDF does not pull enzyme system bound beneficial minerals from the body; rather it is also a source of bioavailable minerals and nutrients. (See nutritional analysis of chlorella).

INTAKE: 6 drops twice a day in 10 ounces of distilled or r/o water on an empty stomach constitutes the average intake for a 150 lb. adult (and is equal in elimination of metals per month to one DMPS IV push per month). Intake can be adjusted to 2 ml. twice a day with physician supervision, providing 920% more metal elimination per month than 1 DMPS push. Hypersensitive individuals (Fetal Metal Syndrome, autism, multiple sensitivities) may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up under expert physician supervision; and or consider starting with NDF-Plus instead.

TERM OF ADMINISTRATION: Take until there are no detectable metals in the urine following a standard challenge. Duration of intake will vary depending on amount of intake and total heavy metal and chemical body burden.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not take this or any detox remedy during acute conditions including infections, flu, and trauma, while pregnant or nursing, in the presence of anuria or renal failure, and hyper arousal. Do not take if allergic to chlorella, cilantro, alcohol or beneficial bowel flora. Do not take if currently on Western medications; consult with a physician first. Do not take therapeutic doses of live probiotics at the beginning of any heavy metal detox. Exposure to chlorine limits or may stop detox efficiency.

HOW TO USE: Sublingual targets the blood first, mixed in liquid targets the GI tract first, dilute rectal implant targets lower abdominal area (inc. prostate & ovaries) first, topical in poultice targets local area first. Drink distilled, reverse osmosis or pure water, up to 10 ounces per half hour, with or following intake until the first urination following intake occurs. Take other supplements after the second urination following intake. If metals are in the teeth, brush teeth with 10 drops of NDF, spit and rinse prior to intake, place drops down the back of the throat and then drink the water. Insure regular daily bowel movements and adequate fluids.

SIDE EFFECTS: None. Excessive intake may result in unnecessary mild ‘healing crisis’ type symptoms or aggravations of existing symptoms, which are proven to not be required for the effective elimination of heavy metals with this product. Discontinue use until symptoms subside and then resume at a lesser intake under physician supervision.

PROOF OF EFFECTIVENESS: Laboratory verified general decrease in fecal metals with corresponding urinary output of heavy metals elevated (up to 6.6 times, dose related) in 1st urination following intake, decreasing to 2 times in the 4th urination following intake. Real time EEG verified improvement of brain waves in between 5 minutes and two hours following intake lasting at least 4 hours.

Manufactured by BioRay Inc., in Los Angeles California.

Certificates of sterility, purity and mineral content data are on file.

NDF is available at www.pacifichealth.com