You may remember that study I posted recently about the improved health of rats that ate an organic diet versus those who consumed minimally fertilized or conventionally grown foods tainted with pesticides. Although researchers weren’t ready to admit those same benefits carry over to humans, just imagine what that prolonged exposure to pesticides in your garden might do to you

A new Scottish study of some 3,000 Europeans discovered a higher risk for Parkinson’s disease among patients exposed to pesticides than those who weren’t. Farmers, generally considered high-level users of pesticides, increased their chances of contracting Parkinson’s by an amazing 43 percent. And, part-time, weekend gardeners were 9 percent more likely to succumb to Parkinson’s too.

The one failing of the study: Researchers couldn’t identify which pesticides were most responsible for increasing one’s risk of Parkinson’s. That said, it’s quite impossible to avoid any exposure to pesticides. The best thing you can do is avoid them as much as you can. Here’s a few simple solutions for doing so:

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