The FDA has received fierce recent criticism from Congress that they have failed to protect you against drug dangers. Now they are issuing twice the number of public advisories about drug risks as they did a year ago and adding five times as many black box warnings – its most serious alert – to drug label.

This sounds great right?


Let’s carefully examine their behavior.

As the New York Times goes on to point out, this PR approach by the FDA is a brilliant media spin by them as they are seeking to shift blame on drug problems to physicians.

Their warnings are so vague and confusing that doctors are not getting the information they need to avoid problems but will get blamed for them anyway. The FDA’s murky and sometimes contradictory messages have hurt its credibility and created a brand new level of loss of confidence and integrity.

Tuesday next week I am running the first part of seven part series of an interview with Dr. David Graham who is the inside expert physician at the FDA who blew the lid on them in the Vioxx scandal when he testified before Congress. He reveals secrets that will really explain what is going on at the FDA.

This is one of the most amazing interviews I have ever read. It is so good I included the entire interview in my upcoming new book on Splenda and the FDA.

New York Times April 6, 2004