My father Don Roettger on the right, looked quite like a member of the Kennedy clan.
As an AD MAN (MADMAN), for Wilson Sporting Goods and Meat Packing he is seen here at a business convention in the early 60s.

John Kennedy look alike, Don Roettger

John Kennedy Look Alike Don Roettger AdMan

John and Jackie represented the best and brightest of our parents generation. When he was so suddenly killed on what seemed to be a wonderful day full of good cheer in Dallas, our parents dream was dashed. Their generation went from optimism to pessimism overnight and we would never see or feel that kind of optimism again. The dreams of “Camelot” had died. We were the children unconsciously witnessing this change. Actually, more than witnesses, we experienced the light that also went out of our lives, as our parents and their generation fell into cynicism. No wonder our psyches rebelled against the corrupt statis quo that had killed our parents dreams. Not just JFK, but MLK, and then Robert Kennedy – the brightest and best of our time. Thus our generation came to our rebellion toward youthful idealism for peace and love in the world as if we, now, were the only ones left to carry that torch that they had held against the darkness. Our youthful, idealistic, naive attempt for justice and righteousness within a dark and cynical world, in reaction to our parent’s shattered dreams.

My Dad looked a lot like a Kennedy. My parents were Democrats. At the time of John Kennedy I felt genuinely proud to be an American. JFK was smart, bright, and truly wanted the best for America. He held off nuclear war from the hawks on both sides of the cold war. He inspirationally led space exploration. He started the peace corps. Although a proponent of peace and negotiation, he was schooled in the ways of power and political power. When I look at Kennedy I see a powerful, almost spiritual, bright force with a very human vulnerability.