Fluoride Poisons The Fruit Juice Your Baby Drinks

Kids are being exposed to harmful fluoride in what some believe are the most unlikely places and the formation of their teeth explains why, according to the Iowa Fluoride Study of some 400 kids tracked from birth through age 13.

More than a third of the children examined in the Iowa study suffered from generally mild cases of dental fluorosis, evidenced by the white streaks on their teeth. That number should alarm parents, considering the CDC reports only 22 percent of American children have dental fluorosis.

The main health-harming culprits should sound very familiar to you: 100 percent fruit juice and infant formula. Children suffering from dental fluorosis drank more fluoride-laced juices and formula as early as 6 months old than those not plagued with the condition.

Tooth problems aren’t the only health connections to fluoride, as it has been also linked to cancer, low IQs, genetic disorders and muscle degeneration.

If you’re at all skeptical about the harm fluoridation can do, consider this: Eleven employee unions connected to the EPA have argued for a moratorium on such programs and have asked the federal agency to recognize its cancer-causing risks.

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