Hidden Sources of Splenda

One of the interesting and useful reasons to review my Web site daily: You’ll learn more about the toxic substances like the “anything but natural” sugar, Splenda and how it’s turning up on grocery store shelves and homes in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Usually, companies make a big deal about their ties to Splenda, but this latest one didn’t: AIRBORNE, the popular “herbal” remedy used by professionals who travel frequently by air to prevent colds.

Three of the four products in the AIRBORNE line — AIRBORNE Lemon-Lime, Airborne Original — contain sucralose while the fourth uses sugar, a substance that’s just as health-harming.

Other products that added Splenda, perhaps while you weren’t looking:

Just a reminder, you don’t need a drug to keep your immune system strong and diminish your chances of catching a cold if you follow my effective protocol.

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