Why is More Tamiflu Being Produced For a Nonexistent Pandemic?Despite its reputation as a worthless drug in the “battle” against the avian flu, you’ll be seeing more of Tamiflu. Mega-drugmaker Roche Pharmaceuticals will expand production of its flu drug by a third over the course of 2006.

I suspect this excess production is connected to Roche’s agreement with 65 countries to stockpile Tamiflu should a flu pandemic ever occur. For that matter, the supply of Tamiflu shouldn’t exceed the debatable demand either. Roche has agreements with 15 other companies to produce the components necessary to make Tamiflu and has sublicensed its patent to companies in India and China to make generic versions of the useless drug.

Amazing how that pandemic the so-called experts and media pundits predicted this past winter just never came to pass…

Just another reminder, you don’t need any drug or vaccine to protect you from the flu, if you follow my safe and proven flu protocol.

USA Today March 16, 2006