The Fallacy of Vegetarian Diets

Every so often, a new study touts all the “wonderful things” a vegetarian diet can do for your health, like lowering your blood pressure. This latest and faulty one promises you can keep those spare pounds off by switching to a meatless diet.

After monitoring the health and eating habits of some 22,000 patients for more than five years, British scientists found all of them gained at least 4 pounds. However, those who switched to a vegetarian or vegan diet added the least amount of weight. Some advantage…

Changing your dietary habits is indeed a good thing, but avoiding meat and animal protein just isn’t the healthiest choice for most people, based on their body’s unique metabolic type. Each type benefits from varying ratios of macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) to feel great and avoid chronic degenerative diseases, like those associated with obesity.

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The only bit of good news to be found in this study: Regular exercise matters when it comes to keeping your weight down.

MSNBC March 14, 2006