Close, But No Cigar

In their never-ending attempt to broaden the indication and thus profits for drugs that in no way shape or form treat the cause of the illness, makers of the popular hypertension drug Atacand (candesartan) failed to prove that treating people with pre-hypertension does not prevent heart disease.

Researchers tested Atacand on nearly 400 patients versus a near-equal number on a placebo for two years, then switched the Atacand patients to a placebo for two more years to determine if any benefits would last. Of course, they didn’t.

Absolutely, no mystery here for anyone who understands health. Unfortunately, the vast majority of physicians are brainwashed into believing drugs are the solution for chronic illness. They are clueless about basic insulin physiology and do not understand that the vast majority of people who normalize their insulin levels by reducing grains and sugars and increasing exercise have their high blood pressure disappear.

They don’t understand this because the drug companies that control nearly the entire medical system do not want them to understand this.

If they did, not only would their need for antihypertensive meds virtually disappear, so would the need for drugs to control nearly every other chronic illness such as high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

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