An Explosive Theory About Global Warming

Because I’m fascinated by science and physics, especially things that go against the grain of conventional wisdom, I thought you’d be interested as I was in a new theory for global warming that has nothing to do with the amount of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe or our rapidly depleting fossil fuels our cars burn every day.

A Russian scientist believes global warming may have been triggered by the Tungus meteorite that crashed in a remote part of Siberia almost a century ago. No wonder, since the impact of the meteorite released the equivalent energy of 15 atomic bombs onto our planet.

The scientist believes this meteorite was the catalyst for the rise in global temperatures through the heating of water, the most potent greenhouse gas of all. Only small changes in the temperature of water are necessary to make significant changes in the Earth’s surface, far outweighing the effects of pollution.

An interesting theory, but it still shouldn’t stop you from doing all you can to protect your health, especially from pollution. March 14, 2006