How Incandescent Light Affects Your Sleep

One of the crucial building blocks that helps you optimize your health is getting the right amount of sleep every day. An interesting piece (free text link below) debates, I believe rightly, the use of incandescent light bulbs may be partly responsible for lengthening our days and eventually disturbing our natural circadian sleep cycles.

Despite the voluminous amount of good done — all thanks to the light bulb — this betrayal of our inner clocks comes with a heavy price: Invariably less sleep, leading to needless and dangerous drugs and all sorts of health problems, including cancer.

Sitting inside an office lit with poor incandescent or fluorescent lighting many hours of the day and night also starves our bodies of the precious, unfiltered sunlight we need — about an hour a day — yet most of us don’t even come close to receiving that much.

That’s why I recommend a safe and easy solution to that problem: Way Healthier Full Spectrum Lighting and BP-12 Light Boxes sold in my Web store.

Damn Interesting March 13, 2006