Antiperspirant Use Increases Breast Cancer Risks

One of the more common and harmful ways patients are exposed to toxic metals like aluminum: Using an antiperspirant. A rising risk of breast cancer is one more reason to avoid them altogether, according to a British study.

Aluminum salts account for a quarter of the volume of some antiperspirants, and when they’re absorbed into the skin they can begin to mimic and influence the estrogen activity that leads to breast cancer.

Women are especially prone to trouble, because they typically use antiperspirants after shaving, which allows for easier absorption. The good news: Reducing your exposure is pretty simple by using soap and water to keep your body clean, and getting rid of that perspirant.

By the way, some deodorants aren’t as harmful for your health as are antiperspirants, but I would avoid using them too unless they’re made from some form of baking soda. And, you may want to a study I posted last year about the dubious safety of cosmetics you may be using.

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