Now You Can Make a Difference By Referring Your Friends to Our New Video

I spend a great deal of time on the blog and in the newsletter explaining how expensive, useless and harmful drugs often are. The goal is to provide you with advance warnings and practical inexpensive options.

The only way we are going to defeat the drug companies is to provide a broad-based educational intervention and the Internet is the best shot since they virtually control the conventional media.

Well, we just finished a six-month job of creating our first animated video that hopes to effectively spread the message. It is called The Town of Allopath and is a powerful satire that will help many understand how they are being manipulated by the drug companies and the FDA.

The video tells the story of a wise man trying to save his town and its people, addicted to quick and dangerous solutions thrown at them by so-called “experts” to solve a very simple problem. Along the way, I suspect you’ll recognize some of the humorous, yet health-harming interventions used to make the residents of Allopath happier and, occasionally, richer albeit in the short term, just not safer or healthier.

I rarely ask for action items on this blog, but I am eagerly seeking your help on this one to view this video and pass it on to as many friends and family as you can.

The only way we can overcome the massive $20 billion annual marketing campaign of these multinational companies is by a collective groundswell awakening that you can help ignite.

Let’s get them fired up!!

The Town of Allopath