Good News! We Are Winning the Soda Wars

I’ve been warning you for a long time about the number one source for calories in America and sharing the many reasons not to consume them. Apparently, Americans are finally getting the message about soft drinks, and it’s about time…

For the first time in two decades, the volumes of cases of soft drinks sold in America dropped close to 1 percent to 10.2 billion cases. That many not sound like much, but it has manufacturers worried, especially since more of you are recognizing soft drinks are the single most important factor in the plague of childhood obesity.

And industry analysts predict soft drinks, even those of the diet kind, will decline in the near term. The downside: People are turning their attention to energy drinks that can be just as harmful to your health and bottled water that may be no cleaner than tap water.

Your best choice is drinking clean, fresh water, ideally from glass containers or from wide-mouth Nalgene bottles, an environmentally friendlier and safer plastic.

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