Is The Fluoridation Movement Expanding?

As you know, fluoride is becoming a hot button topic in America. While some health “experts” celebrate the anniversary of fluoridation, others are trying to rid their local water systems of this toxic chemical. Unfortunately, that same tug-of-war is also happening in the UK.

Although all but four countries in Western Europe are free from fluoridation, this recent Green Party bulletin warns some towns are considering it to alleviate tooth decay among children. Instead of treating the real cause of the problem — poor dietary and dental hygiene habits — local governments in the UK are preoccupied with “doing something,” even if it’s a dangerous, knee-jerk response, says one fluoride expert.

Among the health problems associated with fluoride:

  • Cancer
  • The formation of antibodies in blood
  • Genetic disorders
  • Children with lower IQs

If you have any doubt fluoridation is useless and health-harming, some EPA unions called for a moratorium on such programs last year and have asked the government agency to acknowledge the cancer risks of fluoride.

Green November 14, 2005