Crazy FDA Ruling Allows Yet One More Lethal Drug on the Market

I warned you about the FDA approving more testing on Tysabri, the lethal multiple sclerosis (MS) drug, last month. A 12-member advisory panel made matters worse yesterday by unanimously recommending Tysabri’s return to the consumer market.

Although the panel agreed Tysabri required mandatory controls to ensure patients were aware of all the risks, they also approved (by a 7-5 count) the drug as an initial therapy for MS. This is especially problematic as the underlying principle that drugs are the solution for MS is flat out wrong. There is not one drug that treats the underlying cause of the disease. ALL of them are merely expensive, symptomatic and, in this case, potentially lethal, band-aids.

The only interesting thing about this story is the name given to the condition that this drug causes, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Say that several times real quickly and you will certainly impress your friends…

If you’re looking for safer, healthier ways to treat MS without a lethal drug, I urge you to review my list of natural options.

Yahoo News March 8, 2006

New York Times March 9, 2006 Registration Required