Why Does American Medicine Conduct Mass Human Experiments?

How did America become the world leader in conventional medicine? This riveting two-part feature posted on the NewsTarget site (free text link below) chronicles the horrible history of mass medical experimentation in the United States over the past 170 years.

Pay close attention to the final part of this carefully researched report than spans the past four decades. You may be surprised how often the lives of the poor and disadvantaged are damaged and destroyed, all in the pursuit of the next new multi-billion dollar drug.

What’s truly appalling, however, is just how many incidents occurred after the 1979 Belmont Report released by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research that mandated respect, human justice and to do no harm…

The big question: Why is a federal commission — much less a report — necessary at all to protect the lives of innocent people from the plague of conventional medicine? Just more reasons I remain so focused on my vision to transform the conventional medical paradigm from one-pill cures to a treatment-based model that gets to the true heart of the problem.

NewsTarget March 6, 2006