The Three Day Liver, Gallstone Flush Program
In my humble 20 years of looking at healing methods for the human body, the liver flush is probably one of the most dramatic and successful. Many people have avoided gall bladder operations using this simple and effective technique. The tools you will need for this program are:

  1. 1 gallon of organic apple juice.
  2. 1 bottle of Phos Food Liquid by Standard Process.
  3. 1 eight ounce bottle of cold pressed virgin olive oil.
  4. 2 whole organic lemons.

Start by drinking one quart or more of apple juice per day adding 45 drops of Phos Food Liquid twice to the apple juice per day (that’s 90 drops total of Phos Food Liquid per day). On
the evening of the third day, after the last meal, I will mix the eight ounces of olive oil with the juice from the two lemons and drink this completely. Then I immediately go to bed and lay on my right side with my knees up to my chest for one half hour.
The oil travels to the liver and gall bladder, they will spasm and throw off the oil and any gall stones that are present. The next morning I swallow my herbal laxatives to facilitate the exit of the stones, which come out completely soft. Usually within two or three days I will go to a colon therapist for a full colonic or at times I do this at home by myself. If I had cancer, I would do the liver flush twice a month.
Now, a person who is diabetic and cannot use apple juice, may substitute distilled water and take Phos Food Liquid 45 drops in the water three times a day for a total of 135 drops in one day, for three days. Then take olive oil mixed with lemon juice on the evening of the third day. But, most important, you must use the Phos Food Liquid in this program. If for some reason you cannot either find or use the Phos Food Liquid, do not attempt the program. Also it is important to use lemon juice from fresh lemons, and not frozen or concentrate. Within a few hours of the liver flush you will feel like a new person, reborn.
You may want to check with your naturopath or health practitioner before applying this gall stone program.