A Class-Action Teflon Lawsuit in the Works:

A Class-Action Teflon Lawsuit in the Works

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was so very late in calling for their “ban” — and atoothless, voluntary one at that — on perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the suspected carcinogen used in making Teflon, that more Americans have been forced to take action against the source, DuPont.

Attorneys for plaintiffs in 15 states are teaming up to put together an estimated $5 billion lawsuit against DuPont based on the release of dangerous chemicals like PFOA that occur when cookware is heated above 464 degrees.

Within three weeks, attorneys hope to blend 16 individuals cases (and maybe two more in West Virginia and Connecticut) into one complaint: A consumer class-action case based on DuPont failing to alert customers about Teflon toxicity.

Late last year, the EPA fined DuPont some $300 million for hiding the harmful effects of PFOA, mere pocket change to that multi-national company. Perhaps, $5 billion will get their attention…

If you haven’t gotten rid of all your pots or pans coated with Teflon yet, today is as good as any. Believe me, it took a few years for me to become convinced. Please don’t trade your health for the sake of convenience.

Des Moines Register April 21, 2006