Natural Archetypes – The Art and Soul of Elle Nicolaϊ

By Brett Simpson

Aether Magic

A heart beat. It is one pattern that we all feel. There are many other patterns. Through the heart of each of us love flows both primal and eternal. Touching the sacred space of eternal love leads to wondrous worlds that can be explored, viewed and understood and as this is done, you will facilitate your own healing, at a deeper subconscious level.

Inside of that space deep, within the universal heart, the love of existence flows. It is a vibration that is timeless and shapeless yet with clear form. It is waiting to be explored, to be understood and to be coaxed forth from the source.

That spiritual source is the essential beginning of eidetic imagery that glows with a fire hotter than our own Sun. Why? Because it is the fire of spirit, the fire of the pure and the source of our connection to our own healing.

From this deep wellspring of cosmic awareness come natural archetypes. They flow past our mind’s eye and pause. Waiting to be discovered, found and eventually to be painted. Their fulfillment is found in the healing of our spirit, our essence, and our souls.

They are gifts wrapped in beauty waiting patiently to be opened. But first they must be discovered and this is what the shaman’s self, the poet’s heart and the pure soul must do. The clearer they are, the deeper the healing is. The clarity and purity of the vision shines from within; from the diamond shaped seeds of our souls.

Elle Nicolaϊ has followed this shaman’s path through an opening in time and space to unveil the most clear and pure images of the elemental origins of our human souls. She paints them with the clarity that allows your soul to recognize the visions of awareness that they explore.

The images are pure and simple. Remember that the clearest vision entices the greatest healing. Her images are stark, colorful symbols of mythological understanding that only a pure soul could encounter. Elle reaches to the far ends of the dream state to harvest these images from within the passing flow of our universal heart.

Aether Magic

She returns to paint what she finds there and because of that these images are spectacular. They invoke the healing heart that connects all of us to that spiritual existence of our universe. All of us: every human being living on this earth is aching to know and find the awareness of the essential healing source which flows from the universal heart. We aspire to reach this perfect healing and awareness – which can be found in the symbolic messages emanating from the pure dream state, from the imagery and essence of the painted world found in Elle’s artistic works.

To some they may seem simple and quiet. But these images glow with the fire of that universal spirit that is brighter than the Sun. They also embody the cooler color often seen in the liquid emotional light of our Moon as it lights our nighttime sky. Subtle and timeless – yet able to influence tides and raise the watery consciousness of you and I. As you view and ponder your own life and thought, the essential being of love, creativity, and desire is freed in these deep and prophetic visions of your own healing.

Look on these images and find the source within you. The flow of time may slow and the world outside (the physical realm) may fade back into its own place as you work with the images. You may feel called to one particular piece or work directly with Elle as she discovers which piece would provide you with the greatest awareness or healing. Then find a space in your home where you can view the healing imagery – and feel your own heart beating in synchronicity with the universal heartbeat.

I am blessed to be in her company and I feel a connection beyond our own earthly worlds. Follow your soul and you too may find deep healing and the essence of spiritual awakening displayed in the subtle and pure imagery of Elle Nicolaϊ’s artwork. Your world may never be the same again.


Brett Simpson is a poet, writer, photographer, and musician based in northern Indiana. He has fostered a new poetic movement: Etherealism, which seeks to replace the concrete image with vibrant spiritual imagery that opens the subconscious to empathy, joy and conscious healing.


Elle Nicolaï is an ‘Artist of the Spirit’ and philanthropist dedicated to “Healing and Transformation through Art.”

She has been exhibited at galleries through North America, from New York to the West Coast, from Florida to Canada. 2006 exhibitions: Niche L.A. in Los Angeles, Ca (July/August), and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, New York (October).

She recently founded the Salamander Fund, a non-profit organization devoted to “human transformation through applied multi-disciplinary research and integrated methodologies in art, science, health and consciousness.”