I got an email that directed me to an awesome article about kernel panics. For the people who really don’t know what kernel panics are, here is a short explanation.

A kernel panic is pretty much worst thing that could happen to your lovely Mac. It causes OS X to hang, and it can only be fixed when you restart your computer.

So what is the kernel? The kernel is the hart of your system; when this fails, your system is dead and you’re not able to use it. The kernel handles all the interaction between hardware, software, processor, and devices!

So what could cause the kernel to crash? MacFixIt has made a list of things that are mostly responsible for kernel crashes:

  • Bad Memory
  • Bad NVRAM
  • Bad Devices
  • Bad Network
  • Bad Hardware (built-in)
  • Bad Software
  • Third-Party Software

The good thing about this article is that it also gives an overview on all the possible solution and this article is a good help when you’re troubleshooting.