Entertaining Kids for a Dollar or Less — Without the TV:

Kids today are so enamored with TV, video games, and computers that they’re — at best — missing out on many of the simple joys of childhood, and at worst are increasing their risk of at least 15 different side effects, including obesity, cancer, diabetes, aggressive behavior, and more.

There’s absolutely no reason for your children to be watching two hours of TV a day — as 83 percent of kids 6 and under do. Even 90 percent of kids under the age of 2 watch TV, even though it can interfere with their rapidly developing brains, which need back-and-forth interaction during this crucial period.

If you need some simple ideas to have fun with your kids, with no TV involved, this LifeHack article has 10 greats ones that cost $1 or less, such as:

  • Using large cardboard boxes to make houses and castles
  • Planting something in your garden
  • Letting kids run through a water sprinkler
  • Making paper airplanes
  • A telephone made from tin cans and string

Looking for even more fun activities for you and your children? Be sure to read this past article, 20 Activities to do With Your Kids Other Than Watch TV.

Lifehack.org July 29, 2007