European Union Considers Banning Deadly Mercury-Containing Tooth Fillings:

The European Union is currently debating the issue of whether or not to ban mercury fillings.

“Amalgams,” which contain 50 percent mercury, is still standard issue in many European countries.

The EU has commissioned two working groups to sort out the potential health hazards, and environmental risks, and to report back by the end of 2007.

Mercury is fatal in high doses, but even low doses have been linked to a wide variety of adverse symptoms and illnesses, including:

    • mild tremors
    • neurological damage
    • kidney problems
    • autism
    • Alzheimer’s disease

    If you have not yet seen the telling video Mercury In Your Teeth?, then make it a point to watch it now. A visual demonstration of how the mercury fillings in your teeth vaporizes and spreads is worth more than a thousand words. You may also want to read through Mercury Toxicity and Systemic Elimination Agents, for more in-depth information about how to eliminate mercury toxicity from your body.

    Reuters July 25, 2007