Did you know you were too dumb to order health products?

Well according to many nutritional companies, you are.

Its happening all over again and this time in the natural health industry.
Several major companies in the natural food industry are establishing hierarchical guidelines regarding the use of their products. Are their products any different than the ones they have been selling for the last 10-20 years? No they are not. Are they suddenly more dangerous? No. Are they responsible for many side effects or deaths? No.

Well then what’s the problem?

Good Question.

Probably due to a number of factors intertwining each other, (from establishing perceived market value, to reducing liability, to illusions of grandeur), some major players in the natural health industry are establishing restrictive guidelines that are beginning to create what was formerly considered the industries worst nightmare. A restrictive regulatory body that controls vitamin, minerals, herbs and other nutritional substances, heretofore marketed under the DSHEA regulatory statute as Dietary substances.

This has come about with the restriction of internet sales of their products to practitioners only. Cutting out the public from direct sales.
Is this done purely in the interest of safety for the consumer? Well perhaps partly, but it also prevents internet entrepreneurs from driving down the market value of the company’s products by discounting. And in doing so also prevents educated and responsible individuals from direct purchasing of the products without going through a third party the “health practitioner,” many of whom overprice the suggested retail of these products in their offices.

What are other consequences of these actions?

Well in a word “restriction.”

Elimination of internet sales of the product.

Reduction of health freedoms of the individual.

Inevitable introduction of new restrictive legislation regarding health products.

The danger of leading us into a restrictive era , where health nutrients are sold by prescription only and regulated by a hierarchy of nutritional companies and health practitioners. Vis-à-vis German Codex commission E.
Ah yes Germany, a lovely country where if you want some Vit C, you have to get a prescription from your doctor.

Establishing a hierarchy of health practitioners allowed to purchase nutrients and herbs. The ‘good ol boy’ networks. And the ultimate stripping of power from the individual lay person. The process of dumbing down the consumers. Easily done by intimidation with some technical jargon and research language.

Wether or not the general populace is intelligent, or really so dumb they need to be told what to do about almost everything or wether they just act according to the expectations put upon them so as to be perceived as agreeable is a matter for another article.


Meet the new boss.… same as the old boss.