House holds hearing on broken toxic law: “


Special to Enviroblog by Sandra Schubert, EWG Director of Government Affairs

Yesterday’s hearing in the House of Representatives clearly showed the need for reform of TSCA. All ten witnesses – representatives from labor, the environmental and public health and environmental justice communities, government, medical care providers, and the chemical industry – agree that TSCA needs to be reformed. In addition, there was widespread agreement that we need to prioritize chemicals that we find in people, have more data on the adverse effects of these chemicals, focus on risk, have companies prove that chemicals are safe before they are put on the market, and protect babies and children – the most vulnerable members of our society.

EWG was happy to hear this as it is exactly what the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act will do. Based on their comments, we are hopeful that the chemical industry will join us in our strong support of the bill, due to be reintroduced in the coming weeks.

(Via Enviroblog.)