It’s banned but not gone: Lead paint is still a danger –

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2 comments on “It’s banned but not gone: Lead paint is still a danger –”

  1. judy Reply

    I have difficulty trying to detox from a very high lead levels, I have done oral dmsa, rectal edta, liquid zeolite, and a product called optimum detox. I have read and reread about NDF but am afraid to try becuse of the extreme nervous system reaction I get. Reaction are severe insomnia, anxiety, skin crawling, unabel to think, so if you could lend some light on the subject before I go for iv chelation I would much appreciate you help thank you judy

    • DrB Reply

      By using the NDF plus version and following the proper directions you can start very slowly.
      This is a solution for those people who are very oversensitive. Try starting with one drop every other day. Or even less to begin with.
      Dr. Roettger
      NDF +

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