Activated Charcoal Liver Poultice

Liver Poultice: First, mix 2-3 tablespoons of Activated Charcoal/Carbon with enough Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel to make a paste, that is neither runny or very dry. Alternate: Use Psyllium Seed or Flax Seed + Hot Water (pure) to make a gel. Then take an unbleached (preferably) paper towel, fold it over in half, apply the paste on one half of the half, and fold one half over the other half. Next,double- over a piece of Saran Wrap large enough to cover just beyond the outer edges of the paper towel poultice. Lastly, place and hold the paper towel poultice over the Liver area (just below lowest rib-right side), place the Saran Wrap over it, and tape (use medical) around the outer edges of the Saran Wrap (keeps the paper towel poultice in place and the paste from seeping out). Leave on overnight and check for a bad odor the next morning. If there is a bad odor, then throw away the paper towel poultice and continue to make up and apply it until there is little or no bad odor emanating from it. The Activated Charcoal/ Carbon paper towel poultice can then be used whenever needed on a preventative or maintenance basis thereafter.