So Those Merck Vaccines Had Mercury After All…



I posted an interesting article last week about a 1991 Merck memo uncovered by the Los Angeles Times (due to their strong commitment to stellar health reporting now one of my favorite newspapers in the world) that expressed concerns babies were receiving elevated amounts of mercury — as much as 87 times higher than the maximum daily “consumption” of mercury from fish.


Now comes word Merck continued to distribute vaccines (with 2002 expiration dates) for infants with thimerosal for two years after announcing it had discontinued the practice in 1999! Of course, Merck went on the defensive, and thimerosal critics like Rep. Dave Weldon (R-Fla.) who is also a doctor, said what Merck did was “misleading.”

Makes you wonder just how many of the more than 4,200 claims filed in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program were a result of vaccines being labeled as thimerosal-free that were anything but…

Before you decide to vaccinate your children, I strongly recommend you do them a favor and look into the many risks and side effects associated with common childhood vaccines. Doing so could mean the difference between life and death.

If, however, you’re still not convinced of the value and safety in avoiding vaccines, you should not let your child receive vaccines from multi-dose vials. Inform the physician or nurse that you want the single-dose vaccine container and request that you want to actually witness them removing it from the vial and would like the empty vial to take home with you as proof that your child did not receive the mercury-contaminated vaccine. This way, you will at least avoid one of the problems with the vaccines.

Los Angeles Times March 7, 2005