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The Crucial Link Between Insulin and Alzheimer’s: A Type 3 Diabetes?

The Crucial Link Between Insulin and Alzheimer’s: A Type 3 Diabetes?: A study I posted last year estimated patients who suffer from diabetes may increase their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 65 percent. A revolutionary discovery may go far in explaining the…

Study: Aspirin Impacts Women Differently Than Men

By Rob Stein Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 7, 2005; 10:08 AM Aspirin does not protect women against heart attacks in the same way it does for men, but the venerable painkiller does cut women’s chances of suffering a stroke, researchers reported…

End of Sars as a deadly threat

By Mark HendersonVirus has been eradicated, American Association for the Advancement of Science is toldTHE killer Sars virus has been contained so effectively that it can be considered eradicated outside laboratories, scientists said yesterday. Severe acute respiratory syndrome killed 774 people between November…

Avocados very healthful

Avocados seem almost too luscious to be healthful, but the fat they contain (and there’s quite a bit) is highly monounsaturated, the kind that’s associated with a healthy heart. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E, another heart helper. Although the banana is…

Doctors Prescribe The Wrong Meds For Seniors

How much protection do vaccines provide seniors? According to a study I posted a couple of weeks ago, the benefit was virtually nonexistent. A new study of seniors has discovered another not-so-shocking fact that can also harm their health: Almost 29 percent of…

Restaurants Slow To Trim Trans Fat

For people trying to banish trans fat from their diets, dining out can be a big problem.