Can you believe two natural substances as different as water and salt can work together beautifully and powerfully to speed wound healing and cleaning? Oculus Innovative Sciences, based in Petaluma, Calif., recently unveiled Microcyn, a super-oxygenated, pH neutral and non-toxic water technology that can be used to clean wounds.

What’s more, the company claims this solution, that by all appearances looks like water, features an ion imbalance that kills bacteria, spores and and viruses naturally. And you could drink it too…

Last week, Oculus was granted permission from the FDA to market its first product in America, Dermacyn, as a medical device for moistening and lubricating of acute and traumatic wounds and burns (it has already been approved for an array of uses in Canada, Mexico and Europe ranging from wound irrigation to a disinfectant).

The use of super-oxygenated water as a major ingredient is a bit of a surprise because it’s typically only effective for a few hours and can be a major investment to hospitals and labs wanting to make their own (upwards of $100,000). Where Oculus made inroads: They developed a new formula that extends the solution’s effective use to a minimum of 12 months.

On the surface, this scientific yet natural solution certainly sounds a lot safer and better for you than the typical method most people use: Antibacterial soaps that frequently do more harm than good.

Wired May 16, 2005