It’s no surprise to me to see an increasing number of not-so-great studies cropping up about the safety of that latest of necessities, the cellular phone. According to a new study, too much cell phone use could make you more prone to health problems associated with old age.

Moreover, researchers found exposure to the shortwaves and microwaves transmitted to and from a mobile phone causes damage to human cells and, specifically, red blood cells and blood enzymes. The 15-year study also monitored one’s exposure to electromagnetic and electric fields that are generated by power lines and power plants near homes and offices. (Scientists determined roughly 66 feet was the safe distance from a tower or more than a half-mile away from a radio broadcasting tower.)

That’s why they recommend the safe limit for exposure to microwaves be retooled to account for exposure to microwaves and urged consumers to use land-line phones whenever possible. But those suggestions in this rush-rush world of ours can be very problematic. Many of you rely so much on your cell phone that choosing not to have one isn’t very realistic.

Nevertheless, virtually every headset out there may actually increase the radiation exposure to your brain by serving as an antenna. Headsets have two currents. One intentionally travels inside the wire and another that unintentionally travels outside the wire. The current that travels outside the wire may still cause problems.

This was a concern for me until I discovered a simple and inexpensive solution that I suggest you check out: Clipping a tiny ferrite bead onto a hands-free mobile phone headset can reduce a cell phone user’s exposure to radiation to virtually nothing.

Kuwait News Agency May 14, 2005