There are laws being passed about the rather mysterious CODEX ALIIMENTARIUS wich seems to be an undercover commission attempting to control the natural supplement industry with intensive regulations which in effect would limit natural health alternatives and strengthen the drug industry. I found the letter below to be the most concise summary of the situation.

Dr Brian

July 23, 2005

Honorable Congressman Sam Johnson, TX.,

As your constituent I am deeply concerned by the assault on health freedom which is being carefully orchestrated in this country and internationally. HR 3156 and similar legislation are designed to remove my right to choose and use high potency nutrients and supplements which DSHEA, passed by unanimous consent of Congress in 1994, guarantees my right to do.

HR 3156 supports inappropriate use of risk assessment science which is a discipline of toxicology to determine tiny or imaginary risks posed by nutrients IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY HARM and remove them from the market place.

Further, this act would create an adverse event reporting system for nutrients alone, despite the fact that genuinely dangerous pharmaceuticals have no adverse event reporting system and, upon the suspicion of any adverse event, the nutrient could be removed from the market.

Nowhere in this legislation is the possibility of an equivalent risk assessment for toxic pharmaceuticals demonstrable. The appropriate science for nutrients is biochemistry, not toxicology, yet that science is absent from this legislative thrust.

Nowhere in this legislation does the possibility to focus on the economic and health benefits of nutrients present itself.

Clearly, this legislation is one volley in the continuing war on health and health freedom being waged by the pro-illness forces which callously seek to create an even more economically productive, drug reliant and chronically ill populace prevented from natural means to prevent, treat or cure diseases through the use of natural substances required by our bodies to stave off illness and, in many cases, death.

By now you must be aware of the threat of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (if not, please visit, supervised by Rima E. Laibow, MD, on this critical topic). The World Health Organization noted at the 28th CODEX meeting that CODEX had made no contribution to human health in its 42 years and demanded that it “develop a relationship to nutrition” and “implement the WHO Global Strategy on health” through the application of nutritional principles to prevent chronic, degenerative disease world-wide by changing its position on nutrition. Yet the legislation proposed here would enact and enhance that same destructive, anti-nutrition, anti-health and health freedom position that the WHO has admonished.

Despite the strong opposition of millions of Americans, the United States adopted a pro-illness, anti-DSHEA CODEX policy supporting the passage of the restrictive Vitamin and Mineral Guideline at the 28th CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission in Rome last week.

That guideline makes inappropriate use of risk assessment instead of biochemistry and the science of nutrition although the science for doing so rests solely on the irrational classification by CODEX of nutrients as toxic substances. Nutrients are necessary for human health and are not toxic substances unless they are toxic to the interests of the pro-illness industry and its interests (see for more information).

HR 3156 is a serious threat to my freedom of choice and health and I look to you to safeguard both of these precious rights. I will closely follow your votes and presentations in committee and to the larger body on the issue of access to nutrients and natural health choices. I will support you if you support these rights and will vigorously oppose your reelection in the event that you do not choose to unambiguously support my right to make my own health choices and my access to nutrients as foods (which therefore can have no limitation set on them) which DSHEA confers on me. Thus, I will closely monitor your support of my rights and protection of DSHEA.

Thank you for acting as a guardian of health and freedom in the United States.

Yours in health and freedom,

Allen , TX