Have you heard about the power of Oregano Oil.
Latin: Origanum vulgare
Medicinal parts: Aerial parts, essential oil.
Habitat: Native to Europe and naturalized in the middle east. Thrives in chalky soils near the sea.
Main constituents: Volatile oil (carvacrol, thymol, betabisabolene, caryophyllene, linalool, and borneol), flavonoids, tannins, resin, sterols.

Oregano wasused medicinally by the ancient Greeks and described as having a hot dry nature which is warming and tonic to the body increasing the bodies resistance to illness. The Ancient Greeks called it “joy of the mountain” (“oros” meaning mountain and “ganos” meaning joy) .

* * * *Active indgredients in Oregano Oil such as carvacrol and thymol are antifungal,antiviral & antibacterial. Useful in a variety of complaints such as sorethroat, swollen lymph glands, indigestion & bloating, (Oregano settles flatulence and stimulates bile flow). Oregano is also helpful in respiratory problems such as coughs, tonsillitis, bronchitis and phlegm condtiions. Also useful externally for mouth sores (apthae), gingivitis and gum disease. Must be used with caution when applied externally (in diluted form only). (see also ‘considerations’ below)

  • Oregano helps with;
    * canker sores, swollen gums
    * general increase in circulation
    * constant bloating and indigestion,
    * systemic strengthening of the immune system
    * sore throats and swollen lymph glands
    * excess mucous in the lungs, respiratory problems

Internal usage: 2-4 drops on food or straight in the mouth followedimmediately by a small glass of water 1-2 times a day. Avoid straight oil contactwith lips. Externally: Dilute with olive oil by 50% and use one or two drops on the finger rubbed on the gums.

Greater strengths can be used with individual tolerance. Amount and frequency of dosage is dependent on the severity of symptoms.

SuperReg concentrated Oregano Oil by PacificHealth   is made from purewild Oregano, Origanum vulgare and is of the highest quality and strengthin the marketplace today.

Not for use during pregnancy,in children under 12, or with persons having chronic advanced kidney or liver disease. Oregano Oil is a hot spice, should be used with caution and dilluted if too strong for any particular individual.