Vaccines are a permanent chemical alteration of your child. Please genuinely research before you vaccinate. Research both sides with integrity until you are comfortable.

Do not allow laws, pharma bullies or scare tactics to dissuade your research. Once administered, the vaccine can never be undone. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with your decision.

YOU have a responsibility for the child in your care. Choose parenting. Sometimes (always) it is work. Research well.

Some questions to consider in your search for truth:

Was any part of this vaccine grown in human fetal cells acquired through abortion? If so, is this a problem for you in your faith? Be prayerful about this important decision.

Is there any mercury in this vaccine?

Is there more than the recommended dose of aluminum in this vaccine? (Recommended dose is approximately a limit of 25 mcg per day OR 3-4mcg per kilogram per day)

Are there any other ingredients that you are concerned with?

Are there any genetically altered ingredients in this vaccine (GMO’s)? Is this important to your family?

What are the known potential side affects of this vaccine? (Suggestion, look at the manufacturer insert, not the CDC handout)

Can you access any double blind, placebo based trials showing safety and efficacy for this vaccine? (Trials against a true placebo, not a placebo with the adjuvants)

Can you access any double blind, placebo based trials showing safety and efficacy with multiple doses of true vaccines together?

Do you have an accurate risk/reward vision? Do you know the risks of both the vaccine AND the childhood ailment?

Can you find natural remedies for the childhood ailments that are proven to be successful?

Can you access accurate damage / death statistics for both the childhood ailment AND potential vaccine injury.

Be purposeful in your choice.