American Soft Drinks Poisoned With Benzene Too:

American Soft Drinks Poisoned With Benzene Too

After extremely high levels of benzene were found in soft drinks distributed in France and the UK, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn, according to a FDA report, Americans face those same risks.

Although the FDA claimed there’s no reason to be concerned, federal officials admitted their analysis of diet soft drinks found benzene levels to be four times higher than tap water in some 80 percent of the samples they tested. Perhaps, that’s why the FDA backtracked on earlier statements that the benzene levels they found were “insignificant.”

This cancer-triggering chemical forms and collects in soft drinks made with vitamin C and either sodium or potassium benzoate. Other factors that affect the formation of benzene in soft drinks: Heat, light and how long those products sit on grocery store shelves.

Folks, one of the simplest changes you can make to optimize your health is to stop drinking soft drinks immediately. They are the leading source of calories in America and diet drinks alone can double your risks of obesity as you get older.

Yahoo News April 8, 2006