Ambien Side Effects Ignite Drug Ad Deluge:

Ambien Side Effects Ignite Drug Ad Deluge

Over the past month, I’ve warned you about some of the harmful and embarrassing side effects plaguing users of the useless drug Ambien — eating and driving while asleep. Business analysts predict all this “bad news” is forcing drugmakers selling newer sleep meds that are just as worthless as Ambien to flood the various media with ad campaigns similar to those shilling blinding erectile dysfunction products.

In fact, you won’t be able to watch TV without seeing a commercial selling the debatable virtues of sleeping pills. No surprise, drugmakers are prepared to throw millions at the electronic media for two important reasons:

  • One prescription drug data service reports recent prescriptions for Ambien and Ambien CR have dropped by about 12 percent and Lunesta by 4 percent.
  • Ambien CR, Lunesta and indiplon are all part of the same class of drugs, meaning all of them may share the same dangerous side effects.

You may not see much at all about Pfizer’s new sleep aid indiplon this summer, because the mega-drugmaker enacted a six-month delay on consumer ads last year. That internal “ban” won’t stop Pfizer salespeople from hounding your doctor about indiplon’s debatable virtues, however.

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Yahoo News March 29, 2006