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Zika Virus Painted as A Threat to Mankind: What are the facts and what is the truth?

Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

It’s been nearly nine months since the word “Zika” flashed like a lightning bolt in the headlines of mainstream news. Before January 1, 2016, Zika was just one of many viruses that public health officials monitored. But suddenly in January of this year everything changed, as a nearly harmless virus was transformed into a worldwide threat.

As we will see, the Zika propaganda machine was turned on in October of 2015 and it has been running wild ever since. This is a classic example of a mind control program, a public brainwashing project, or a high powered marketing campaign.

Regardless of what you call it, it is clear that the mainstream news media, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Big Pharma, Big Chem, and both Republicans and Democrats have joined forces to sell a Zika eradication program to the people of the United States and to the rest of the world.

09 - Zika-Virus-696x600.jpgThis has been and continues to be one of the best orchestrated programs of propaganda in recent history. This article will discuss how the program started, how it has been developed, and where it is going.

Zika is not a Threat to the Babies of the World


Just to be absolutely clear from the beginning, there is no solid evidence that Zika is a threat to humanity. It is a minimally dangerous viral infection, which does not cause microcephaly.

In the almost 70 years since the Zika virus was patented by the Rockefeller Foundation, [1] no one ever noticed any association between Zika infection of pregnant women and their babies being born with abnormally small heads or with defects in brain development. But in 2015, we were suddenly made aware of this supposed problem. This claim, based on nothing more than circumstantial evidence, was the beginning point for the propaganda campaign. A propaganda claim doesn’t need to be true; it just needs to be repeated over and over again until people believe it is true.

After half a year of fear and hysteria in the mainstream media, even officials in Brazil admit that Zika is an unlikely cause of their microcephaly.

As reported in Nature News & Comment on July 23, 2016, an official from Brazil’s ministry of health raises doubts to suggest Zika is not the only factor in the reported microcephaly surge in his country. The report stated:

Zika virus has spread throughout Brazil, but extremely high rates of microcephaly have been reported only in the country’s northeast. Although evidence suggests that Zika can cause microcephaly, the clustering pattern hints that other environmental, socio-economic or biological factors could be at play.

“We suspect that something more than Zika virus is causing the high intensity and severity of cases,” says Fatima Marinho, director of information and health analysis at Brazil’s ministry of health. If that turns out to be true, it could change researchers’ assessment of the risk that Zika poses to pregnant women and their children. [2]

Despite this admission from Brazil, the Zika propaganda campaign is moving ahead without interruption. The campaign will not be stopped by contrary evidence about Zika and microcephaly.

Zika is a Mild Viral Infection

Most people who get Zika, will be completely unaware of being infected. For those who do get sick, it is similar in many ways to having a cold or a mild case of the flu. People experience fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis. The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. Infection is thought to provide lifelong immunity. Severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon. Deaths are rare. [3]

The fact that almost no one dies from Zika infection made it a very unlikely candidate for the development of a vaccine. For those who actually feel sick from a Zika infection, they can receive comfort care and rest while their immune systems overcome the viral illness.

Zika Press Releases Set the Stage for a Propaganda Campaign

However, if Zika could be connected to some other horrible consequence, such as microcephaly or paralysis (Guillain-Barré syndrome) for example, then people would insist that we create a Zika vaccine and would insist that every person on planet Earth take it. They would be willing to give up basic individual freedoms for the benefit of society, which is always the goal of mind control programs.

In 2015, a number of press releases and reports were released by the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the CDC, to set the stage for the unfolding of a grand mind control project.

The documents they published raised the red flag of alarm that a Zika epidemic was unfolding throughout South America and Mexico. The conventional media got excited about the epidemic when they saw the word “microcephaly.” The prospect of large numbers of babies being born with abnormally small heads and brains was a story that would really grab the attention of their audience.

The media used pictures of deformed babies to build fear in the hearts of people and to create the perception that we better watch out or Zika is going to get us and our babies! They worked really hard to instill public panic about Zika in January and February of 2016.

In the timeline that follows, you will see the word “autochthonous.” Public Health agencies use the word autochthonous to say that an infection was locally generated. An autochthonous case of Zika is one that was acquired in the local area where a person lives. This is in contrast with a Zika infection that was acquired while visiting another region or country.

I will list a few of the key points from some press releases to show how a foundation for the Zika campaign was built and how momentum was established to project the campaign into mainstream media.

May 2015: Brazil confirms first autochthonous cases of Zika. [4]

October 2015: Columbia confirms first autochthonous cases of Zika. [5]

October 2015: Brazil reports unusually high number of babies with microcephaly. [6]

November 2015: El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Suriname, and Venezuela report autochthonous Zika infection. [7]

November 17, 2015: WHO calls upon member states to watch for the occurrence of microcephaly. [8]

December 1, 2015: PAHO/WHO issued the first of dozens of reports, which chronicled the history of the growing Zika epidemic and warned of microcephaly. [9, 10]

December 21, 2015: WHO reports autochthonous Zika infections in Honduras. [11]

December 22, 2015: WHO reports autochthonous Zika infections in Panama. [12]

December 31, 2015: US CDC reports autochthonous Zika infections in Puerto Rico, and makes note of microcephaly in Brazil. [13]

Counting Babies with Microcephaly

The mainstream media suddenly picked up on the Zika/microcephaly story in January of 2016 and began sensationalizing it. General concern was quickly transformed into alarm as officials in Brazil reported a steady increase in the number of microcephaly cases. As of January 30, 2016, they reported 4,783 cases of microcephaly and/or Central Nervous System (CNS) malformation suggestive of congenital infection. They compared this with 2001 — 2014 data where there was an average of 163 microcephaly cases. [14]

The Brazil data about the babies was poor. We didn’t know their definition of microcephaly. We didn’t know how many of the mothers actually tested positive for Zika. We didn’t know how the data was collected. We also didn’t know why there was a strong level of insistence that the only thing that could cause these birth defects was infection with the Zika virus. Propaganda campaigns always dismissed other viewpoints other than the one being promoted. They don’t want an investigation of truth or a debate about the facts – they just want belief and submission.

The US Propaganda Machine Goes Public in January 2016

CDC officials begin to ponder the situation. First they say there might be an association between Zika and microcephaly, but they are far from asserting any kind of causative relationship. [15]

“Good for them,” I thought when I heard that report. But their apparent wisdom took a nosedive a minute later when the same CDC official went on to issue a travel warning to women to avoid traveling to Brazil and other South American countries if they are pregnant, think they might be pregnant or are thinking of becoming pregnant in the next couple years.

“What did the CDC just say?” There is no evidence of causation, and we don’t even know there is even a problem, but women should stay home any way. “Strange,” I thought as I began to remember how the conventional media, the CDC, and the WHO hyped up the African Ebola epidemic in a similar kind of propaganda campaign just 18 months earlier. The worldwide threat of Ebola Zaire completely died out long before a vaccine could be developed, which must have been a major disappointment to Big Pharma.

But this time, they have a virus that is not going to die out. This time their propaganda campaign will be much more sophisticated, and it will make major steps toward the acceptance of universal mandatory vaccination for diseases such as Zika.

A False International Crisis Involving Deformed Babies Justifies Action

All through January and early February of 2016, the news media provided us with a non-stop litany of stories about Zika and deformed babies. In a previous article I examined some of the headlines in the propaganda campaign.

Are we All Being Forced onto a Passenger Train Named Zika?

The CDC was still using the word “possible association,” while the news media insisted on using the word “cause.” Despite the initial reserve of the CDC, the news media began to shout the message across America, “Zika is going to deform the heads of our babies while they are in the womb, and there’s no vaccine to protect us!”

It seems like every Zika story I saw included at least one photo of a baby with microcephaly and always stated that there is no vaccine yet. We were reminded over and over again that Zika is causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads, mental retardation, and blindness. We were warned that some babies were dying at birth because of the severity of their brain deformation. We were told that each baby born with microcephaly will cost ten million dollars or more in medical expenses during the child’s life. [16] These stories created ever increasing levels of apprehension and fear as they were intended to do.

As the mainstream media struggled to keep the fear level high and keep the story line flowing from week to week, they began to focus in on government efforts to save us from Zika. It didn’t take long for them to find people to interview who would ask the question they wanted asked.

“What is the Government Going to Do to Protect Our Babies?”

This question was asked over and over again even though there was no proof that Zika infection and microcephaly were related. The question was asked so many times by the media that no politician could dare to say, “I am not going to do anything, because as far as we know Zika doesn’t cause microcephaly.”

President Obama Responds to the Question

On February 22, 2016, President Obama requested 1.9 billion dollars to study the situation and to develop a Zika vaccine. [17]

Let’s look at this more carefully. We are going to spend 1.9 billion dollars to develop a vaccine for a virus that almost never kills anyone and has not been proven to cause birth defects — just to be safe. Or is something else going on here?

Perhaps the real story is that Big Pharma wants another cash cow vaccine and the Zika threat has been promoted in such a way that people will insist that Big Pharma develop a Zika vaccine for us. Suddenly, Big Pharma companies will be able to put on their white hats and rescue all the babies of the world. This would be such sweet deception if they could pull it off.

CDC Declaration: Zika Causes Microcephaly

The CDC announced in April of 2016 that Zika causes microcephaly. [18]

This decision was based on a CDC analysis of available data. They did not conduct comprehensive research. They used a quacking duck kind of analysis. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it must be a duck. They couldn’t tell if it had feathers like a duck or has a bill like a duck, but they still insisted on calling it a duck named Zika. In doing this, they ignored some of the most important criteria in their analysis.

CDC researchers stated:

The seventh [of Shepard’s] criterion, proof in an experimental system that the agent acts in an unaltered state, is aimed at medications or chemical exposures and does not apply to infectious agents. Thus, given Shepard’s criteria as a framework, criteria 1, 3, and 4 have been satisfied — evidence that is considered sufficient to identify an agent as a teratogen. [19]

In other words, they used a set of seven criteria to determine whether Zika could be considered to be a cause of microcephaly. They determined that the association between Zika infection and microcephaly was causative for 3 of the 7 criteria. They suggested that additional study was needed before 3 of the other criteria could be met. They excluded the seventh criteria altogether, because it examined whether medications or chemicals might have caused microcephaly.

I couldn’t believe that they excluded the seventh criteria when it is clear that microcephaly is known to be caused by pesticide exposure, and could just as easily be caused by vaccinations during pregnancy as it was likely to be caused by Zika infection.

These CDC scientists were only looking for causation from infectious agents. Nothing else seemed to matter. This exclusionary mindset was present since the very beginning of the Zika propaganda campaign.

They ignored the effect of the Tdap vaccine given to pregnant women in Brazil in 2015. They ignored the side effects of medications. They ignored the consumption of GMO food, glyphosate, and Pyriproxyfen that were widely used in Brazil. They ignored chemical exposure from Brazil’s large chemical manufacturing facilities. They ignored alcohol and drug use. They ignored the effects of extreme multi-generational nutritional deficiencies and extreme poverty. They ignored the introduction of genetically modified mosquitoes that were released in Brazil. They ignored exposure to rubella, toxoplasmosis, or cytomegalovirus. They ignored the combined effects of all these factors as well as multigenerational modifications to the local gene pool from these potential causes.

I discussed these potential causes of microcephaly in my first article on Zika, published in January of 2016.

Zika: A Real Threat or another Hoax to Promote Medical Tyranny?

There is one key point that I want to bring forward from the previous article concerning the number of babies born with microcephaly. First we heard that there were some 4,783 cases of microcephaly in Brazil. After the initial shock and panic was produced, we learned that further investigation showed that the number of confirmed cases was only 483.

The mainstream media also didn’t mention that the number of babies born in the United States with microcephaly in a typical year is 25,000. When adjusting for population differences between the US and Brazil, we find that the rate of microcephaly in the US is actually 40 times higher than the rate in Brazil.

In other words, the US microcephaly incidence is much higher than Brazil, and our babies didn’t get it from Zika. Maybe our babies got it from the various potential causes I discussed in my previous article.

I should also state that the researchers who put their names on this article are all employees of the CDC. [20] I must question whether their analysis was truly objective and whether their findings were influenced by CDC ties to Big Pharma. [21]

The Zika Vaccine is in the Pipeline

Based on this single poor quality analysis, it’s full speed ahead for developing a Zika vaccine. There are at least four companies plus the CDC working on a Zika vaccine. We are told that it will still take several years before a Zika vaccine can be properly tested and made available in large quantities for the population of the world.

Zika vaccine trials have already begun and they are already recruiting volunteers in the US. The US National Institutes of Health hopes to start phase II trials of its vaccine in early 2017. [22]

Congress Tries to Protect Our Babies with Zika Funding

Now that the CDC has settled the Zika-microcephaly question, it was time to get congress to fund the President’s request for a Zika vaccine development program. The House and the Senate passed Zika funding bills. However, they have different ideas of how much money should be spent and how the funds should be generated. The funding process stalled at the end of June when the Senate and House could not reconcile their differences. [23]

Congress went on a seven week summer vacation, and wasn’t available to try to resolve their differences. This created a problem for the Zika mind control campaign, because it might mean there would be no new Zika news to report during the summer.

Keeping the Propaganda Campaign Going by Killing Mosquitoes

The mainstream media switched their focus from vaccine development to eradication of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is known to carry the Zika virus. If an infected mosquito bites a person, then the person might develop the infection. This is a fact that no one is disputing.

The Great Mosquito Chase of 2016

The CDC continues to count the number of Zika cases in the US and Puerto Rico. The numbers continue to rise through the spring and early summer. They were looking for autochthonous cases of Zika in the US, but they could only find infected people who had traveled to Zika infected countries or who had sex with people who traveled to those countries.

Finally, at the very end of July, 4 people in the Wynnewood section of Miami, Florida, were found to have Zika even though they had not traveled to a Zika infected country or had sex with a Zika infected person. [24]

Public health officials at the state and federal level interpreted the presence of these cases to mean that Zika must have been transmitted to these people by mosquito bites. They ignored the possibility that the infected people might have been lying about their exposure, for example, having sexual contact with an infected person. Nevertheless, officials concluded that they must implement a strong mosquito control program to prevent Zika from spreading any further.

Now that the Zika epidemic was on US home soil; the media had another fear inducing story to add to their propaganda campaign. “There are mosquitoes that are out to get you and our babies!”

The Governor of Florida Goes Door to Door to Find more People with Zika

On August 1st, the governor of Florida contacted the US public health system and asked them to send a specially trained squad of federal public health agents to help with the Zika emergency in Miami. These agents and Florida officials went door to door in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami and collected urine samples to identify additional cases of Zika.

10 more cases were found, but all were asymptomatic – the people didn’t even know they were infected. [25]

Problem — They can’t find a Zika Infected Mosquito

5,000 mosquitoes were tested for the presence of Zika, but all tests were negative. [26]

Officials dismiss the negative infection results by saying that finding a Zika infected mosquito is like finding a needle in a haystack. [27]

Aerial Mosquito Spraying Program Initiated

The governor of Florida in conjunction with federal public health agents decided that they needed to do aerial spraying of pesticide. Even though the Aedes aegypti mosquito wouldn’t travel more than 300 feet from its birth place in the Wynwood neighborhood where the autochthonous Zika cases were located, the officials decided to spray a ten square mile area just to be safe. [28]

A spraying program that covers ten square miles would make a sensational story in the media. It would be much more alarming than a story about a neighborhood aerial spray zone. It also would expose many more people to a toxic pesticide (more about that later).

The first aerial spraying took place on August 4, 2016. [29]

Toxic Pesticide Used in Aerial Spraying Causes Microcephaly

Officials told the public not to worry about the pesticide that was being sprayed, because it (naled) is harmless. They pointed to EPA reports, which supported their claim. [30]

They didn’t mention that naled was banned in Europe in 2005. They didn’t mention that officials in Puerto Rico recently refused to allow the spraying of naled over their citizens. They didn’t mention that naled kills many other types of insects and aquatic creatures in addition to mosquitoes. [31] Most importantly, official didn’t mention that naled and the chemicals that are created when it breaks down in the environment have the potential for causing human birth defects. [32]

Could Pesticide Naled Cause Microcephaly and other Life Threatening Diseases?

Officials didn’t mention that the pesticide that they were spraying over the densely populated minority neighborhood of Wynwood [33] was particularly dangerous for babies in the womb.

This is what the JOURNAL OF PESTICIDE REFORM has to say about naled:

Like all organophosphates, naled [Dibrom] is toxic to the nervous system. Symptoms of exposure include headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Naled is more toxic when exposure occurs by breathing contaminated air than through other kinds of exposure.

In laboratory tests, naled exposure caused increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning.

Naled’s breakdown product dichlorvos (another organophosphate insecticide) interferes with prenatal brain development. In laboratory animals, exposure for just 3 days during pregnancy when the brain is growing quickly reduced brain size 15 percent.

Dichlorvos also causes cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens. In laboratory tests, it caused leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Two independent studies have shown that children exposed to household “no-pest” strips containing dichlorvos have a higher incidence of brain cancer than unexposed children. [34] [Emphasis added]

Please note the italicized phrases in the above report.

Naled exposure causes increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning. These are some of the symptoms that are also found in children on the autism spectrum.

One of the most toxic break down products in Naled is Dichlorvos. This chemical caused a 15% reduction in brain size in pregnant lab animals after 3 days of exposure. Another word for reduced brain size is microcephaly.

So, the pesticide they are spraying could increase the rate of autism among children in the spray zone, and could cause microcephaly to occur in the babies of pregnant women.

Question: If there are babies born in Miami with microcephaly in the next nine months or if the autism rate in the spray zone increases, will we blame Zika or Naled? I am sure that no one from the CDC or from a public health agency will ever point a finger at Naled. They will use the children to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zika is to blame.

Naled is also Harmful to Adults

Dr. Naresh Kumar, a Professor of Public Health at the University of Miami, commented about the risks of using pesticides in aerial spraying. His statement came from CBS Miami:

“All are a neurotoxin, meaning it will directly affect our nervous system.” “It will affect not only the pregnant woman … it is also equally for children who have asthma and airway disease because when you are spraying in the air, these aerosols stay in the air for at least five days.” [35]

The Miami Herald provided this advice to people in the pesticide spray zone. They stated:

The agency [EPA] says the insecticide poses no risk for the majority of people, but those sensitive to chemicals may want to stay inside during spraying, close windows and turn off window air conditioners. Fruits and vegetables should also be washed before eating and outdoor furniture and grills covered. [36]

So, if you are concerned about being exposed to the chemicals they are spraying, then you should stay inside for 5 days until the pesticide falls out of the air. You should keep your windows closed, and turn off window air conditioners. I wonder how many people were able to follow this advice in the subtropical urban climate of Miami in August.

Mind control programs always try to make life difficult for those who live outside the box of normality. They want us to follow their instructions, which in this case would be to just not worry about the spraying. If you are concerned, then you can take their ridiculous suggestions, which won’t really protect you from the spray.

Does Zika also Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Apparently the CDC suspects that Zika causes the paralytic syndrome called Guillain-Barré. If you look at the data collection forms for monitoring Zika in the US you will see another masterful stroke of mind control in the making. They are counting cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome on the same form with cases of Zika. [37]

Why would the CDC try to make this connection? The CDC indicates on their Guillain-Barré Syndrome page that they are not sure what causes this syndrome. They do mention that there were some cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome associated with the swine flu vaccine in 1976, but otherwise the condition is rare with unknown etiology. [38]

If they can make a case for the Zika virus being the cause of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, then they will shift attention away from the fact that many vaccines and pesticides have a harmful effect on the human nervous system and are able to produce this type of paralysis.

I anticipate seeing a Guillain-Barré Syndrome research paper just like the one produced by the CDC on microcephaly. Their new paper will just substitute the phrase “Guillain-Barré Syndrome,” for the word “microcephaly.” They will show through statistical smoke and mirrors that the Zika virus is causative for Guillain-Barré Syndrome as well as microcephaly.

If they can pull this off, then the Zika virus will be blamed for all cases of vaccine damage in which microcephaly or paralysis results. If they can pull this off, and I suspect they will, then pesticide manufacturers will also be able to blame the Zika virus for microcephaly, neurological malformation, and paralysis that results from the use of their products. The Zika virus will be the perfect scapegoat.

The List of Birth Defects Being Blamed on Zika with No Evidence is Increasing

Propaganda campaigns always seek to worsen the devastating effects of whatever they want us to fear. First we heard that Zika causes microcephaly. Then we heard that it might also cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Now we are hearing that Zika causes a whole host of other birth defects, some of which might not appear until months or even years after birth.

The New York Times stated:

The images [of babies with microcephaly], published Tuesday in the journal Radiology, also suggest a grim possibility: Because some of the damage was seen in brain areas that continue to develop after birth, it may be that babies born without obvious impairment will experience problems as they grow.

Images of another baby girl show contracted hands and arms, the result of another common symptom. Zika seems to damage the nerves in a developing fetus so that sometimes “muscles aren’t developing normally because they don’t have the nerve impulses to move normally,” she [Dr. Levine] said.

With such a vicious and unpredictable virus, “it’s key to realize that Zika is more than microcephaly, that there’s a number of other abnormalities as they’ve shown in this paper, and its effects are going to be even more broad,” said Dr. Spong, whose agency has begun a study of what will ultimately be 10,000 babies born in Zika epidemic areas including Brazil and Puerto Rico.

“It’s going to be essential to follow them to look at their development, to look at their ability to learn, to look at hearing problems, balance problems, behavior problems, all those issues, to make sure that we don’t miss anyone.” [39]

Zika: The New Scapegoat for All Childhood Diseases?

Can you tell where this is going? It seems to me that they are planning to put together a catalog of major injuries that results from Zika infection.

It will include most if not all injuries that result from vaccines, pesticides, GMO food, pharmaceutical drugs, the high-carbohydrate low-fat standard American diet, and anything else that might lead to a successful lawsuit against Big Pharma or Big Chem. Zika might just become the standard defense for suit against corporations. “It wasn’t our product that harmed this little baby, it was Zika!”

Conclusion: Another Government Tool for “The Greater Good” to Strip Away Freedoms?

Forced vaccinations are already common around the world, and legislation in the U.S. is moving towards mandatory vaccinations also. Photo courtesy of Dawn.com.09 - pakistan-oral-polio-vaccine-696x480.jpg

It won’t be long before the mainstream media will be showing us pictures of US babies from Florida who were born with microcephaly. The mainstream media will tug at our heartstrings and will remind us that this horror will soon become preventable when the Zika vaccine is developed.

We will hear about more and more connections between Zika and other terrible health conditions experienced by children. We will be told that all this suffering and all this expense will be avoided when all the mosquitoes are killed and everyone receives the Zika vaccine.

Mind control programs always talk about the greater good and how individuals must give up their individual freedoms, their rights, and even their preferences for the sake of the collective benefit. Zika will be one of the tools used by mind controllers and the ruling elite to move us toward mass vaccination and total government control over our lives.

About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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