A reminder to not keep your heads in the sand.


There is another bill now deceptively designed to take away parents rights regarding their children SB-18 (The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California). Innocuously disguised as a “children’s rights” bill, this bill paves the way to allow the state to take children away from their parents and eliminate home schooling as an option and perhaps give parents jail time as well if they haven’t conformed to main stream medicine’s pharmaceutical dictates regarding treatment. It is being brought forth by CA Sate Senator Pan, the same individual responsible for last years mandated vaccination bill eliminating non vaccine belief exemptions and public schooling for the non vaccinated.

Erin Melendez – Contributor – With this bill, the govt will be deciding what is in a child’s best interest–it removes the parental role. “(1) The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest.” If Pan & the govt don’t like how you raise your kids, CPS gets to take your kids, and raise them, and medicate/vaccinate them, and put them in foster care where a surprising # of kids DIE or go missing or are abused–especially in CA. (states get federal $ for each kid they place into foster care). This bill is VAGUE and BROAD and unnecessary. “(7) The right to appropriate, quality health care” as determined by the state. This is all veiled language intended to deceive.


Click image for full text of SB-18.