In this update regarding COVID-19, we look at some of the recent discoveries regarding the origins of the virus. The more we know about it the more we can begin to suss out the truth of the matter and be able to deal with the realities associated with it.

When discussing China it is prudent to keep in mind 2 things.
1. There are vast amounts of money to be made in an association with China.
2. One of their goals is to dominate the world economy and thus control as much of the world as they can.

Since the SARS virus of 2003 China launched extensive virology research programs. These occurred through their military labs (People’s Liberation Army) and other labs such as the P4 virology lab in Wuhan (P4 is a very high biosafety level designation) located, apparently, just 280 meters away from the WUHAN seafood market. The P4 lab in Wuhan was initially started as a joint venture with the French government. Chinese authorities switched the management of the project to a firm with close ties to the Chinese military complex. The Lab is a subsidiary of the Wuhan Institute of Virology managed by the China Academy of Sciences.

The market does not sell bats.

Dec 30, 2019. … First cases of illness were reported
Dec. 31, 2020 … Wuhan health commission found a link between the market and pneumonia infections.
Jan 1, 2020, Closed the market with an immediate clean up of the market.
Jan 26, 2020…. WIT (Wuhan Institute)  announced 33 of 585 environmental samples from the market were found to contain the nucleic acid of the COVID19 virus

A few days later a challenge to this conclusion from the scientific community.
They sited a Lancet journal research paper.

Dr. Sean Lin a former U.S. Army microbiologist pointed out data from this research journal article.

1.Dec. 1, 2019.. The first patient onset was on Dec. 1st and the patient was not related to the seafood market and this person did not come in contact with anyone from the market before or afterward.
2. Dec. 10, 2019 .. Two more cases appeared, also not related to the market
3. Of the first 41 cases, 14 were unrelated to the market. 34% unrelated.
4. No one sells bats at the market or close to the market…
5. Then from the Lancet, of the first 99 cases, 50 had no relation to the seafood market.
6. The first case would have been infected prior to this date due to the delayed onset of the viral symptoms.
7. The Chinese health officials made Seafood market exposure a mandatory qualifying criteria for dx. of COVID19

Jan 10, 2020… A Chinese researcher disclosed the genome sequence of the virus.

Jan 7, 2020, A Jointly published paper to the medical journal Nature published Feb 3rd. disclosed that the COVID19 virus was closely related to two viruses from bats studied by the Peoples Liberation Army lab facilities… There was an 89% genome similarity and 100% similarity with the NSp7 protein, an envelope protein of the virus. This was verified by western researchers shortly thereafter.

Jan 30, 2020, in The Lancet. There was an 88% similarity to two bat coronaviruses from Zhongshan province of China (671 miles away), found at the Nanjing Military Research Institute

Dr. Sean Lin… You would not see a 100% identical match in this NSp7 protein when the virus jumps species. So the virus could have been generated with a reverse engineering process.
And from Judy A Mikovits Ph.D. Molecular biologist and former director of Lab of Antiviral Mechanisms NCI
“100% protein similarity would mean it can’t possibly be a “natural” mutation.”

“This is a key point as the HIH acknowledges the biology but comes to the conclusion that it happened through natural mutation in the bats and then jumped into humans. Or that it spread from bats to other animals and then mutated over time, perhaps decades, to be able to infect humans. Or that it infected humans and then mutated and evolved into a contagious, virulent form. I’ll let you be the final judge.”

The S (spine or spike) proteins (shown sticking out like mushroom stalks from the round virus) have high homology with the SARS virus. These are the proteins that make up the “key” that binds with the ACE2 receptors in humans to enter the cell.
This contributes to the organ failure we see with infected persons as it drives the virus into the cells of the lungs and other organs such as the heart and kidneys which also have ACE2 receptors.

The spike proteins of the natural evolutionary strains don’t infect human cells. (see Note)

Research has been going on at Wuhan on this subject of bat to human transmission since 2007.
If the SARS – S protein was not on the virus it wouldn’t infect human cells at all.

So… natural coronavirus’s in animals will not transmit to humans. Only when these S proteins are found, as in the original SARS virus, are they able to key the lock and enter into the cells. The COVID-19 (Sars2) Virus does this even better than SARS1.

Jan.1, 2020, Censorship occurs from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) They ordered existing virus samples to be destroyed, and any related data prohibited from release.
A once active Chinese scientific community regarding this virus fell into silence.

Shi Zhengli virologist.
A figure of controversy since the Wuhan virus outbreak.
Has 4 publications on virology.
Her lab (the one in Wuhan) had a sophisticated capacity to experiment on cross-species transmission
She was charged by the CCP to research the capacity of coronaviruses to move between species.
especially the S protein research.

2010:  Zhengli published a paper in which she identified key amino acid sequences that would enhance bat virus compatibility with the SARS S protein.

2013. . Shi Zhengli published in the Medical Journal Nature that they had successfully isolated 3 viruses from bats one of which had an S protein that integrated with human ACE receptors. This demonstrated the direct human infection of SARS Like viruses to humans without the need for an intermediate host.

Nov 2015 She published a paper in the journal Nature
Zhengli discussed the creation of a synthetic (chimera) virus, (a self-replicating virus) using the SARS virus as the framework with the S protein key replaced with the one they had found in the bat coronavirus in 2013 that integrated with the ACE2 human receptors. This new virus created very powerful infections. The mice infected with the new virus revealed severe lung damage with no cure. This splicing of the SARS virus was a key to opening the door to the cross-species transmission. The plan was to further experiment on primates.
The academic community expressed immediate concerns. Simon Wayne Hobson of the Pasteur Institute in France expressed concern. “If the new virus escaped no one could predict it’s trajectory. It could end up anywhere.”

In 2018, Zhengli spoke at a university. The School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The topic was coronavirus and its cross-species infection
Subsequently, this speech has been deleted from the university websites.

Indian researchers compared the COVID-19 structure to SARS
They discovered that COVID-19 had 4 new sequences inserted all of which can be found in HIV.
There were only 3 viruses known to contain all of these sequences:
1. HIV.
2. A Bat Coronavirus discovered by Shi
3. The Novel Wuhan COVID19 virus.

One of the HIV similarities was protein gp41.
gp41 results in functional failure of the immune system.
So the S protein (spike protein) incorporated the sequence of the HIV key protein
This prompted them to think of the relationship to the immunodeficiency symptoms of those infected with COVID19, as the COVID19 virus attacks the immune system cells causing a cytokine storm. 

Why are they doing research on a virus that would infect a human host?
Bioweapon? Create a vaccine where you are the patent holder and/or the sole recipient of the profit associated with it?

The Chinese have full access to our databases, research, and apparently many scientists through monetary gain.

ie. The chairman of Harvard University’s chemistry department was charged with lying to the US Defense Department about his dealings with Chinese research agencies while receiving federal research funds, officials said.

Charles Lieber is accused of receiving more than $1.5 million to establish a lab and do research at Wuhan University, according to prosecutors, who said he was paid hundreds of thousands more over several years, Bloomberg News reported.


CCP promotes the “Thousand talents” program… where their goal is to recruit the best scientific talent from around the world.
Money ….

All these programs, however, like researching nuclear energy, can have a dual-use function.

Did China take coronavirus samples from Canada and the US and send them to Wuhan? Multiple incidents involving Chinese researchers caught transporting highly infectious disease samples in 2018 and 2019 have surfaced in a new report.

“An FBI report obtained by Yahoo News revealed U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents stopped a Chinese researcher at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) in September 2019 — just months before the coronavirus outbreak. The researcher was transporting suspected samples of E.coli.

The report also noted two other notable instances of Chinese nationals transporting more serious infectious disease samples.

In November 2018, a Chinese researcher was found with vials in his luggage labeled “antibodies.” The researcher reportedly revealed he had been asked by a colleague in China to transport the samples to a U.S. research institute.

“Inspection of the writing on the vials and the stated recipient led inspection personnel to believe the materials contained within the vials may be viable Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) materials,” the FBI tactical intelligence report stated.

Another incident in May 2018 saw a Chinese national stopped while transporting what he described as different influenza strains through DTW. The vials in his possession were marked with the acronym WSN, associated with the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. The vials were confiscated and the Chinese national was released to go to work at a U.S. research institute in Dallas, Texas.

In all three cases, the Chinese nationals did not have supporting documentation declaring their transport of biological materials.

The compiled FBI report was dated to Nov. 13, 2019, just months before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. It was compiled by the Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD).”

Jan 23, 2020, The lockdown of the city of Wuhan
Shi Zhengli produced a paper saying the following. Published in Nature Feb. 3, 2020
– The announcement that the virus was of probable bat origin
– It utilized the same key as SARS
– It was 96.2% consistent with a bat coronavirus originating in Hunan China (signaling a natural source of the Wuhan virus)

Doubts about this theory.

1. The outbreak occurred in Wuhan (330 miles away from Hunan) and only yards away from the P4 lab which housed highly similar viruses.

2. Common sense would dictate that the P4 lab would have been inspected for any possible leaks and other safety concerns immediately.
Instead, they shifted attention to the Wuhan seafood market as the origin of the disease. The market was less than a mile away and sold no bats. At the same time, authorities sealed off all virus samples at the lab, prevented international experts form joining the investigation, kicked out western news journalists, and used national television to slander those who disagreed with the narrative such as Li Wenliang the first whistleblower who died.
3. You would think the Wuhan lab would be the first to respond to help control the disease, that they would be at the forefront since they were the experts and so close. But they went mysteriously quiet.

4. Jan 2, 2020, an email from the Director-General of the Wuhan Institute of Technology running the P4 lab sent to all internal staff
A notice regarding the strict prohibition of disclosure of any information regarding COVID-19.
It cannot be published on self-media or social media nor disclosed to state media or shared with any other companies.
5. Jan 21st, 2020, A new drug Remdesivir provided for free by the US to China for COVID-19 treatment was preemptively patented by the Institute.
6. Feb 3., 2020 Dr. Wu Xiaohua, blew the whistle using his real name, that Shi Zhenglis’s haphazard, lab management may have led to the Wuhan virus leaking from the lab.
7. Feb. 4, 2020. Chairman of Duoyi, Xu Bo, blew the whistle that Wuhan Institute of Technology was suspected of manufacturing and leaking the Wuhan Virus.
8. Feb 7, 2020, A top biochemical weapons expert of the Peoples Liberation Army, Chen Wei, officially assumed control over the Wuhan Institute of Virology P4 laboratory.
9. Feb 24. CCP creates a Biosecurity law.
10. Feb 15, 2020. The Institute refutes rumors that a female graduate Huang Yanling was patient zero and had perished. Her photo, cv, and thesis were al removed from the Institute’s official website only her name was left. She cannot be found.
11. Feb 17, 2020, Insitute researcher, Chen Quanjiao, blew the whistle, using her real name, that Wang Yongyi Director General of the Institute was suspected of leaking the virus.

Hong Kong protesters do not want the involvement of the CCP in their city. They know they don’t want to start allowing the CCP to engage in their lives. And yet the NBA and other corporations with vested interest have become Chinese apologists. As some in the press, and some politicians have as well. NIH has donated money to these research projects. Many corporations have big business with China and don’t want to rub them the wrong way. The WHO is, in much the same way, beholding to Chinese interests. The Gates Foundation has donated over 2.5B to the WHO. And Dr. Fauci has filed for several patents of viral medications. One of the main Chinese institutions funding the Wuhan lab is a major supplier for Remdesivir a drug promoted for the treatment of coronaviruses.

Conclusions: From the start, there was something amiss with this pandemic.
1. It was not acting like a normal virus.
2. The reaction to it was way over the top for any contagious infection ever seen in our lifetimes.

Assuming it was a man manipulated and re-engineered virus. The following makes more sense.
1. Its high level of contagiousness to humans.
2. Its severe symptoms and invasion of human organs.
3. Its inconsistent reaction to those infected. (some have no symptoms, some extremely severe and life-threatening).
4. It does not kill children with newly formed immune systems but likes to severely infect the elderly and others with weakened immune systems.
5. It is unpredictable.
In short, it acts a lot more like a bioweapon than natural viral infection.

It will most likely be around for a while and we do not know in what manner it will act as it does not behave like a naturally occurring viral infection.