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Category Archives: Conventional Medicine

Health problems and controversies with conventional medicine.

Smoke Inhalation in Souther California


The recent fires in Montecito and Sylmar in Southern California have taken a terrible toal. Sylmar Fire Many people have lost there homes and in these economic times may not be able to recover. Countless thousands are also having to breathe in smoke…

FTC rejects Monsanto’s complaint against rBST-free dairies

The company said in its complaint that ads and labels including hormone-free production claims mislead consumers into believing that hormone-free dairy products are healthier and safer.While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved rBST in 1993, and finds no health risk, other governing agencies and associations disagree.”Monsanto and the FDA claim that there is no scientific basis for rBST- and rBGH [recombinant bovine growth hormone]-free dairy being safer or healthier,” said Charles Margulis, spokesman from the Center for Food Safety in San Francisco…. Organic dairy is regulated by the USDA and already prohibited from using any hormones in the cows or feed, as well as pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers, and therefore any production claims by organic dairy farmers would fall outside the scope of Monsanto’s complaint.But for mainstream producers and packagers who choose to use the hormone-free production claim on their dairy, the FTC ruling can be seen as a small triumph.”The agency rejected Monsanto’s complaint, and that’s a victory for consumers who demand to know what is in their milk,” said Margulis.

Charles Bonnet syndrome—elderly people and visual hallucinations

Charles Bonnet syndrome—elderly people and visual hallucinations Anu Jacob, research fellow1, Sanjeev Prasad2, Mike Boggild, consultant neurologist3, Sanjeev Chandratre, consultant4 1 Department of Neurosciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L9 7LJ, 2 Care of the Elderly, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax HX3 0PW, 3 Walton…

The 26 Beliefs That Drive Modern Medicine and the FDA

The 26 Beliefs That Drive Modern Medicine and the FDA:Many levelheaded, rational, natural-health consumers are baffled by the seemingly unending ignorance of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the industry it serves.It would seem as though the promoters of modern medicine, and the FDA decision makers, live in a world that is not of this world—a world that operates from a different set of beliefs and biological laws.This Newstarget article spells out these “other-worldly” beliefs that are the bedrock of modern medicine and the FDA, including:Nature cannot be trusted, and scientific progress is measured by the degree to which man dominates nature.Vitamins and dietary supplements are both useless and dangerous, and they interfere with the action of pharmaceuticals. Allowing the public to have access to information about dietary supplements is dangerous; as people may be fooled into thinking they don’t need medical intervention.Diseases are caused by pharmaceutical deficiencies, which can only be treated with patent drugs.The only use for plant chemicals is to serve as ideas from which drug companies can synthesize patented drugs—by removing and using only the active ingredient…. I simply represent, in a very marked way, the importance of nutrition and physical exercise as ways of achieving and maintaining optimal health.It’s both aggravating and sad that the few pieces of information that are the basic cornerstones of good health, longevity, and freedom from disease are so threatening to this establishment that you have tofight for your right to get it—and I have to fight for the right to give it to you.But I will, and I know you will too, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

Drug Company Reps are Using Psychological Warfare Techniques on Your Doctor

Reneging on the prescriptions-for-dinner bargain gets broadcast over the jungle drums, and suddenly reps don’t come-a-knocking with goodies anymore…High-prescribers receive better presents, including unrestricted “educational” grants that essentially amount to cold-hard cash.Competing-drug prescribers are deftly manipulated into understanding how the drug will work better than the competitor’s for a certain patient niche (in order to circumvent their reluctance to switch).Acquiescent doc’s, who foolishly imagine that simply agreeing will get rid of the nuisance, realize all too late that there’s no such thing as a free lunch…. Sales numbers shows it works like a charm.The hard-to-see physicians are actually not dissed by drug reps, because they’ve found that a good hand-delivered lunch to the office staff, followed by snooping under the guise of a friendly chitchat can work even better than talking to the doctor to find the right hot buttons.A certain class of doctors—charismatic, highly credentialed with an aura of integrity—is chosen as “thought leaders” to enhance and further certain drugs.

BBC NEWS | Health | Robot to carry out heart surgery

Robot to carry out heart surgeryA robotic arm able to carry out an intricate life-saving heart operation is being pioneered by UK surgeons.